Websearch.simplesearches.info Description

Type: Browser Hijacker, Redirect Virus
Risk Coefficient:Severe
Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Targeted Browsers:Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and so on.

Websearch.simplesearches.info virus is a browser hijacker that can mess up your computer. It’s always bundled with free software and installed in the system while the free software is installed via the Default Installation. Websearch.simplesearches.info can be avoided at one of the steps of installation of the free software, but users always skip it without even having a look at it and just click Next button.

Once inside, Websearch.simplesearches.info modifies browser settings, and changes your homepage and default search engine to Websearch.simplesearches.info. You cannot get the related search result from its search engine expect ads and unwanted sponsored links. What’s more, it is capable of collecting your browsing activity and privacy in the computer. Thus, users should remove Websearch.simplesearches.info virus as fast as possible to keep PC safe since it is a big threat to users’ important data.

Websearch.simplesearches.info is Dangerous

* Websearch.simplesearches.info is installed without your permission.
* Websearch.simplesearches.info reputation online is terrible.
* The official website of Websearch.simplesearches.info is poorly built and lacks basic information.
* Websearch.simplesearches.info collects the confidential data in the targeted PC.
* Performance of the program is poor.

How to Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info Easily?

Soutions 1 : Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info Manually

Solution 2 : Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info Automatically by Spyhunter

Details for Solution 1 – Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info Manually by Yourself

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop Websearch.simplesearches.info processes in the Windows Task Manager.


2. Find out the following files relative to Websearch.simplesearches.info and then delete them all.


3. Search the following registry entries in your Registry Editor and then remove all of them.

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

Video Guide to Help You Manually Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info

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Details for Solution 2 – Remove Websearch.simplesearches.info Automatically by Spyhunter

Step 1: click the link to download and install Spyhunter on your computer.

Step 2: click ” Yes, protect my homepage” to protect your browser.

Step 3: Click “Scan Now” to scan your computer to block Websearch.simplesearches.info


Kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Download and Install Spyhunter to smash Websearch.simplesearches.info and protect your computer at the same time. You wouldn’t regret your choice!

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