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Need Help to Decrypt Files Locked by DetoxCrypto ransomware? Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix the DetoxCrypto Issue

Published October 27th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

Recently, many computer users complain that they have been attacked by DetoxCrypto ransomware. All the files stored on the infected computers are encrypted. If they want to access to your files, the only way is to pay the ransom.

DetoxCrypto ransomware, is an email used by a crypto ransomware infection designed by cyber criminals to collect ransom payments from the victims by putting some fake locks on their computer so that it seems like their computer screens are locked or files are encrypted. If they want to unlock their computer or access to their files, the only way is to pay the ransom.

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Attacked by FenixLocker Ransomware? – Useful Solution to Remove FenixLocker Ransomware

Published October 27th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

Encountered FenixLocker ransomware? Tried all means but failed to remove it? Don’t know how to get rid of FenixLocker ransomware? If you have the same issue, please read this post carefully and try to understand the removal method introduced below.

FenixLocker ransomware is deemed as a malicious and aggressive Trojan horse which could lead the loading of popular ransomware to encrypt the files stored in the target computer and perform a series of destructive activities to disorder the computer operating system even destroy the computer.

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How to Get Rid of SparPilot Virus – SparPilot Virus Removal Guide

Published October 26th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

Browser was hijacked by SparPilot virus? Fail to use your favorite search engine to do searches? Cannot remove SparPilot virus? This post is committed to help you find out what SparPilot virus is and how to get rid this infection.

What Is SparPilot virus?

The SparPilot virus is known as a browser hijacker which hijacks your browser home page without any permission. Once installed, SparPilot virus attaches its useless add-ons and causes frequent web redirects to wrong websites, hijacks search engine settings and leads to unexpected webpages. When you do a search on any search engine and click on a link, you will be redirected to SparPilot virus. SparPilot virus will attack almost all types of your browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Remove “Error 268B3” Ads Completely – Stop Adware and Scareware Issue

Published October 26th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

“Error 268B3” virus is categorized as an adware program that may suddenly display error message on your website to scare you that your device has been blocked. This malicious stuff is using scary approach to convince users that their devices have been severely broken and that they have to get professional assistance to fix the issue. Be notice that this is a common strategy among crooks to talk victims into calling the indicated number and lead to purchasing unnecessary tools. We urge you to remove “Error 268B3” as soon as possible as it may cause more troublesome outcomes.

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How to Remove Browser Hijacker? Removal Guide

Published October 25th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents is classified as an adware which is able to take over your all popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox by displaying tons of undesired ads and pop-ups and even hijacking your browser start and search engine. It is developed to promote sponsored programs, products or programs via distributing those endless unwanted ads. Therefore, you should never attempt to keep it in your PC; otherwise, you will get more and more unwanted troubles.

Once infected, it adds many unwanted browser extensions/add-ons to your browsers and then displays various pop-up ads on your web page which can interrupt your online activities. Clicking those ads will redirect you to unknown websites which may contain more other PC threats. In addition, it degrades your PC performance and system security. In this case, your PC becomes more and more vulnerable for other malware or viruses. Furthermore, it may collect your sensitive online and share with third parties. All in all, is nothing helpful but big trouble for your computer, to stop irritating pop-up ads and unexpected browser redirection, to bring back a normal PC operation, it should be kicked out of your computer without any hesitation.

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Infect with Windows Detected Koobface Virus? How to Remove Rogue Tech Support Scam?

Published October 25th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

“I inadvertently downloaded the “Windows Detected Koobface Virus” pop-up – could you please tell me how to delete this from my system?” Well, if you are randomly encountering a “Windows Detected Koobface Virus” pop-up that requires you to call a support number, then your computer is infected with a Rogue Tech Support Scam. We also call it Adware here. The Windows Detected Koobface Virus alert may display and present that the user’s computer has crashed or that a virus has been detected on the computer. Through its scary alert, the victim may follow its advice to call one of the listed numbers in order to receive support. Actually, this adware just tries to sell the user unneeded support contracts and services.

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