Are you finding it hard to remove CheapMe pop up from PC using your security program? Looking for the best way to remove CheapMe pop up from your system completely? This step-by-step guide can help you safely and quickly remove CheapMe pop up.

Have a problem with CheapMe?

CheapMe is an adware that shows lots of annoying ads on the computer to recommend web surfing users discounts. However, it is a malicious adware infection that has ability to bypass the normal security settings of the system and sneak in it without the users consent. Usually, this infection interrupts PC users when they enter such commercial sites as eBay, Amazon and Walmart. It claims to save your money and time while shopping online. No matter that this entire process looks useful, you must beware that CheapMe is mainly used to promote related websites.  It has the capability to attack all web browsers including some popular ones like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If the users click on the pop up ads delivered by CheapMe virus, it may redirect him to suspicious advertising websites.

Once it enters your computer successfully, CheapMe add-on will make modifications to the browser settings. It attacks all your web browsers. This infection can show up numerous ads that are related to your search queries or online habits on the screen. It is important to remove CheapMe before it can collect all data concerning your private and financial information.  Cyber criminals can take advantage of cookies to steal your sensitive data when you input the online bank account and password on the infected computer. CheapMe aims to collect information about users and send them to host computers without any knowledge and consent. Homepage being changed to another marketing site is also one of CheapMe’s behaviors. What’s worse, it will modify your browser code and disable you to set your browser options. Before it screws up your computer and steals your confidential information, you’d better remove CheapMe as soon as possible.

CheapMe snapshot

Common Symptoms of CheapMe

1. Sponsored links will be added to your search results
2. The infected machine runs slowly
3. Browser home page is changed to tricky site
4. Coupon ads, savings appear on legitimate websites like Amazon, Youtube, Ebay, Walmart
5. CheapMe can open up system backdoors for hackers
6. CheapMe violates computer privacy and downloads additional malware infections

How to remove CheapMe throughly?(Outline)

Method 1 Remove CheapMe from PC using Manual Removal

Method 2 Remove CheapMe from PC using SpyHunter

Technical Details:

Method 1 Remove CheapMe from PC using Manual Removal

Step 1: Disable Proxy:

  • For Firefox: Click the “Firefox” button in the upper left of Firefox browser menu and then hit “Options” ; Select the “Advanced” tab; Click the “network”tab and then the “settings”button on the ”Option window; Checkmark option“No Proxy”; Click “OK” and then “OK” again to disable proxy settings.
  • For Google Chrome: Open Google Chrome ; Go to the key at the top right, then “Options”->”Advanced”; Click “Change proxy settings” located in “Network”; Click “Connections” tab; Click “LAN Settings”; Checkmark “Do not activate a proxy server”.
  • For Internet Explorer: Open Internet Explorer; Click Tools; Click on Internet Options; In the Internet Options window click “Connections tab”, Then click on the LAN settings button” Uncheck the check box labeled “Use a proxy server for your LAN” under the Proxy Server section and press “OK”.
  • Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop Jeeves Toolbar processes in the Windows Task Manager


    Step 3: Get rid of the following files created by Jeeves Toolbar:


    Step 4: Get rid of the related registry entries of CheapMe

    (Click Start button> click “Run” > Input “regedit” into the Run box and click ok)

    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\{random}
    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Regedit32
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current\Winlogon\”Shell” = “{random}.exe”

    Method 2 Remove CheapMe from PC using SpyHunter

    To remove CheapMe from your PCs, it is recommended to Download and install SpyHunter to detect and remove CheapMe. SpyHunter is a program that searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, and browser Hijackers from your computer. By using SpyHunter you can easily remove many of these types of programs for a better user experience on your computer and while browsing the web.

    1. Download SpyHunter by clicking the following download link:

    2. Double-click on the downloaded file. If asked to allow program to make changes to this computer, click “Yes” button.

    3. In this step, please accept the Licence Agreement and click “Next >” button.

    4. After the definition database is downloaded, system scan will automatically start.

    Similar Video Guide for Manual Removal of CheapMe:

    Note: If you haven’t sufficient PC expertise and don’t want to make things worse, to remove CheapMe safely and permanently, it is recommended to download SpyHunter to clean up the infection in a few minutes without repeating. Hurry up to drag it away from your computer forever!

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