Qvo6.com has taken over ALL of the web browsers Including Google Chrome, IE and Mozilla Firefox. It has a bogus uninstall and I can’t remove it. How do I remove it? Norton Security wouldn’t even open.

After downloading a programme from a certain website which was marked safe by Norton, and the installer being scanned and marked as ‘safe’ as well, I had my homepage on IE, Mozilla and Chrome changed to this qvo6.com search website, even if I had my homepage option set back to my original homepage. I have used Malwarebyte and Norton Power Eraser in vain to try get rid of that virus.

Don’t know why your browser is always redirected to Qvo6.com without your authorization? Getting mad with such annoying issue but don’t know how to remove Qvo6.com from your computer? By reading this post, you can find an effective way to get rid of Qvo6.com completely and safely.

Qvo6.com Description

Qvo6.com is a severely harmful browser hijacker that takes over Windows user’s homepage to force people visit its fake search engine. Through this immoral method, its domain’s Internet traffic can be enhanced a lot and the virus maker can somehow obtain benefits. The main approach of this infection to enter your computer is via free software downloading. Besides, visit compromised web sites and harmful links from social networking sites is also another source for Qvo6.com virus infection. Once Qvo6.com infiltrates your system, all of your browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE will be controlled and your default DNS setting will be modified silently, thus whenever you open browsers, Qvo6.com will be always there. What drives you to crazy is that you cannot uninstall it from Control Panel, and your Antivirus software even cannot detect any of its related files. Then things will become worse within a short period, for instance, you will find that more and more annoying ads start popping up in your webpage. There is no doubt that Qvo6.com is definitely a huge nuisance to your PC, if you still cannot figure out a effective method to remove it, Please follow this step-by-step guide.

Further Damage Caused by Qvo6.com

1. It takes excessively long time to get into Windows; System operation become very slowly, and you can see high CPU usage (i.e. 90% CPU usage) in Task Manager even when you just launches your system.
2. Windows updates will not install successfully;
3. Windows Security Center, Windows Firewall or third party firewall software has been disabled
4. Documents and files suddenly disappear (removed by the virus); some folders cannot be opened;
5. Lots of ads pop-ups are bombarding you o rand your browser meets re-directs problems;
6. Some of your programs start to become invalid; and some unknown programs are installed silently;
7. The computer restarts randomly and unexpectedly; you get more and more system crash and random BSOD, etc.
8. Windows does not startup, and a message is shown stating: “…system files are missing.”
9. You are suddenly receiving more spam to your email inbox(s)
10. Sounds may play randomly, from the computer speakers.

What’s the most efficient way to remove Qvo6.com completely?

In order to remove Qvo6.com, you may have tried lots of antivirus that you trust, but failed. Why? That’s because the security removal tools are not human beings and they cannot catch all the new things. They need to update their functions from time to time to catch the newly released viruses. However, it seems that the infections’ creators know about this and they design all the related files of the viruses in random names. What’s worse, the pests can mutate at a fast speed. Thus, your antivirus cannot remove Qvo6.com completely. The most effective way to get rid of Qvo6.com is the manual removal. Here is a guide for you.

How to Remove Qvo6.com Easily?

Soutions 1 : Remove Qvo6.com Manually

Solution 2 : Remove Qvo6.com Automatically by Spyhunter

Details for Solution 1 – Remove Qvo6.com Manually by Yourself

Step 1: Disable Proxy:

  • For Firefox: Clik the “Firefox” button in the upper left of Firefox browser menu and then hit “Options” ; Select the “Advanced” tab; Click the “network”tab and then the “settings”button on the ”Option window; Checkmark option“No Proxy”; Click “OK” and then “OK” again to disable proxy settings.
  • For Google Chrome: Open Google Chrome ; Go to the key at the top right, then “Options”->”Advanced”; Click “Change proxy settings” located in “Network”; Click “Connections” tab; Click “LAN Settings”; Checkmark “Do not activate a proxy server”.
  • For Internet Explorer: Open Internet Explorer; Click Tools; Click on Internet Options; In the Internet Options window click “Connections tab”, Then click on the LAN settings button” Uncheck the check box labeled “Use a proxy server for your LAN” under the Proxy Server section and press “OK”.
  • Step 2: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together and stop Qvo6.com processes in the Windows Task Manager


    Step 3: Get rid of the following files created by Qvo6.com:

    %AppData%\ Qvo6.com \ Qvo6.com [3 digit number].exe
    C:\Documents and Settings\admin\local settings\temp\random.exe
    %Documents and Settings%\[UserName]\Application Data\[random]
    %CommonStartMenu%\Programs\ Qvo6.com.lnk

    Step 4: Get rid of the related registry entries of Qvo6.com.

    (Click Start button > click “Run” > Input “regedit” into the Run box and click ok)

    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\{random}
    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Regedit32
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current\Winlogon\”Shell” = “{random}.exe”

    Video Guide on How to Modify (Change, Reset) Windows Registry Entries

    How to avoid being entangled by virus like Qvo6.com?

    1. Never click on a link or attachment in an email that you are not positive is from a trusted source;
    2. Beware of internet pop-ups;
    3. Set up your Windows Update to automatically download patches and upgrades;
    4. Be wary of files with a double extension such as .txt.vb or .jpg.exe.
    5. Install real-time anti-spyware protection and Keep anti-malware applications current.
    6. Don’t get access to illegal online contents such as gambling or porn.

    Important: Manual removal may seem require more expertise than you expect. What if there is one easier solution for you to uninstall Qvo6.com? Do you dare to give it a shot? Download and install Spyhunter to scan your computer!

    Details for Solution 2 – Remove Qvo6.com Automatically by Spyhunter

    Step 1: click the link to download and install Spyhunter on your computer.

    Step 2: click ” Yes, protect my homepage” to protect your browser.

    Step 3: Click “Scan Now” to scan your computer to block Qvo6.com


    For most of the computer users, a perfect antivirus program is their first choice to remove Qvo6.com and protect their computer from other sorts of malware like spyware, trojan and ransomware. Download and Install Spyhunter to smash Qvo6.com right now! You wouldn’t regret your choice!

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