Windows Efficiency Console installs to your computer again your will? It runs and shows scan results when you load the system? Are they real? Meet problems removing it from your computer? By reading this post entirely and carefully, you will get a better known about it and reliable removal details.

General Information About Windows Efficiency Console

Type: Rogue Antivirus Program
Risk Coefficient: High Level
Targeted OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Geographical Reason: Globally Distributed
Possible Carriers: Freeware or shareware downloads, corrupt files shared with others, unsafe or hacked web sites, spam email attachments, Trojan horses, and so forth.

Know More About Windows Efficiency Console

Windows Efficiency Console is a newly fake antivirus program that could easily sneak into targeted computers via various unfair means. You may find other computer threats that are bundled with such a rogue program on your computer as well. So many computer users regard it as a big malware program for it runs automatically whenever the system is loaded. It disguises as other legitimate security program to run a scan, shows result scans and security alerts. It says that you need to update the current version of the program to fix all the detected issues. So many computer users may think the computer is infected severely, and do as what it advises.

In fact, Windows Efficiency Console can’t detect or remove any computer threats. It is a fake antivirus program that shows bogus security warnings to trick computer users into purchasing its programs. On the other way, it may stop you from running your security utilities. Even, it may disable them in the end. What is more, it makes the system vulnerable. Under such circumstance, remote cyber criminals may be able to remotely control the computer to perform some scam activity. Your crucial information stored on the computer may be tracked and captured by them. Such an infection could do great harm to compromised computers. It should be cleaned from the computer before it causes more damage.

Windows Efficiency Console is Rather Harmful

1. It comes with a surprise attack.
2. It may come along with other computer threats.
3. It runs automatically whenever you load the system.
4. It shows fake scan results and security alerts.
5. It tricks computer users into buying its programs.
6. It slows computer down greatly.
7. It may stop and disable legitimate antivirus programs.
8. It is really difficult to be removed thoroughly.

Have a Hard Time Removing Windows Efficiency Console?

1. It blocks your legitimate antivirus programs?
2. It is uninstalled, but reappears again and again after rebooting?
3. It even disables your network connection?
4. It could bypass all of your auto-removal tools?

Step by Step to Manually Remove Windows Efficiency Console

1. Access to safe mode with networking.
Step: Reboot the infected computer. As it restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8” key constantly. Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then hit Enter.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together to end all Windows Efficiency Console running processes in Windows Task Manager.
[random name].exe

3. Show up Folder Options from Control Panel. Check the box of “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”, then click “OK”.

4. Click “Start” button and selecting “Run.” Type “regedit” into the box and click “OK.” Click “Start” button and Type “regedit” into the box and click “OK.”

5. Once the Registry Editor is open, find and clear all registry entries relevant to Windows Efficiency Console.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\[random]
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\[random]

6. Navigate to registry editor to search for and remove all corrupt files created by Windows Efficiency Console.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

Get rid of Windows Efficiency Console Rogue Antivirus by automatic scan of SpyHunter removal tool

SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application that designed to help computer users to clean up the infections like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware,etc. It is important to note that SpyHunter removal tool works well and should run alongside existing security programs without any conflicts.

strong>Step one: Click the icon to download SpyHunter removal tool

download spyhunter

Follow the instrutions to install SpyHunter removal tool

Step two: After the installation, run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to have a full or quick scan on your PC.

Step three: Select the detected malicious files after your scanning and click “Remove” button to clean up all viruses.


Video Guide

(Attention: To remove Windows Efficiency Console from the computer thoroughly and safely, sufficient expert skills are required. Meanwhile, it is not advised you to deal with such a rogue program if you have no experience in manually removing any computer threats as the process is full of risks. You may result in a loss of significant system files due to some is not recommended you to remove by yourself to avoid some unexpected risks like a loss of significant system files. The most recommened way is to download popular removal virus tool here to remove Windows Efficiency Console.)

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