Are you upset with the annoying FLV Runner Toolbar? Have you tried several anti-virus programs but so far no one worked? This step by step guide can help you safely and quickly remove FLV Runner Toolbar. If you have any problems during the removal process, please contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for more detailed instructions.

Learn More about FLV Runner Toolbar

FLV Runner Toolbar is usually related to browser redirecting virus, for instance, questionable site. It will modify your default browser setting and thus, lead you to random and unknown sites that you have no intention to visit, instead of the site that you have addresses for. And it is acting more like an adware that keeps flooding your screen with annoying advertisements. Moreover, FLV Runner Toolbar may come bundled with other threat or malware that would damage the system and data, such as Trojan that involves hackers to steal confidential information and worms or rootkit infections. To sum up, it is really nasty that you should remove it as soon as possible to keep the system from any threats.

FLV Runner Toolbar virus can be displayed as many critical aspects:

  1. FLV Runner Toolbar reputation/ rating online is terrible.
  2. FLV Runner Toolbar is installed/ run without your permission.
  3. The official website of FLV Runner Toolbar malware is poorly built without contact info.
  4. The payments website of FLV Runner Toolbar is suspicious & claims your OS is unsafe.
  5. Poor Performance like highly-consumed system resources is caused by FLV Runner Toolbar.

How to remove FLV Runner Toolbar? Automatic removal tools? Manual removal guide?

First of all, you should Click Start Menu, go to Control Panel and Check out the Add/Uninstall Programs and remove FLV Runner Toolbar and all its related terms. However, you still need to remove all the processes, files and registries that it has created into the system. Otherwise, it just comes back again and again. Although there is a few possibilities that you can remove FLV Runner Toolbar with some removal tools, many computer users came to us and told that they have no luck with purchased programs, which only end up with wasting money and time. What is more, if you unfortunately buy some poorly designed program, which will make the situation even worse instead of resolving the problem. Therefore, we suggest you to stop FLV Runner Toolbar by following the manual removal guide below to begin. And for any questions during the removal process, you are welcome to contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for instant and professional help.

FLV Runner Toolbar Manual Removal Instructions:

Step one- Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking

To perform this, please restart your computer. -> As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, tap “F8″ key constantly. -> Use the arrow keys to highlight the “Safe Mode with Networking” option and then press ENTER. -> If you don’t get the Safe Mode with Networking option, please restart the computer again and keep tapping “F8″ key immediately.

Step two- Reset your Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer -> click Tools -> choose Internet Options -> click Advanced -> choose Reset option -> click Yes to save the change.

Step three- Disable any suspicious startup items that are made by infections.

For Windows Xp: Click Start menu -> click Run -> type: msconfig in the Run box -> click Ok to open the System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items generated.

For Windows Vista or Windows7: click start menu->type msconfig in the search bar -> open System Configuration Utility -> Disable all possible startup items generated.

Step four- open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys and then stop the viruses and Trojans processes

The infections will use random names or fake system processes name so you need to check each process on Task Manager carefully and see which one does not belong to Windows system or which one uses a system process name but in the wrong system location.

Step five - remove any suspicious system files in your Local disk C hard drive




Step six- open your Registry Editor program by navigating to Start Menu, type in Regedit, and then click OK. When you have been in Registry Editor, please check the following registry location and see whether there is any malicious registry entries:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random



HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run |Regedit32

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”

(Noted: if you have no sufficient expertise in dealing with files, processes, .dll files and registry entries, it may lead to mistakes damaging your system.  For detailed instructions, please contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online)

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