Scorpion Saver, Safesaver, AILsaver and NewSaver, what are they? And what so many ads pop up? I can’t remove AILsaver from both extension and control panel. Somebody help? Don’t worry,continue to read this post and get the adware out of your computer at once.

What is AILsaver?

AILsaver is from the “saver” adware family. Like Scorpion Saver, Safesaver and NewSaver, AILsaver is an adware programmed to insert itself onto browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer as an extension, in order to prompt various ads, banners and coupons. Victims might be surprised that they get pop-ups once they start up their browsers or open a new tab. Some victim claimed that he has sliding ads that pop up on the bottom and right sides of his browser and found it is related to a Chrome extension.

These ads are not just random ads. They are sponsored to prompt their products to make money. And AILsaver is designed to make profit by visitors’ every clicking for the adware designer. Victims are advised not to click the ads since they might be led to some spam websites that may be planted with other viruses.

AILsaver is an immortal pest for victims.

Is it really true that AILsaver is such an immortal thing that can’t be removed?
Victims may have attempted to remove the related extension from the hacked browser or go to control panel to delete it. Unfortunately, what they did is in vain. Some even have tried to uninstall and reinstall the hacked browser. However, AILsaver comes back successfully every time.

Where is AILsaver from?

As an adware, AILsaver usually sneaks into the target computer as a bundled component of the wanted software. Victims may have downloaded some software like browser installation and video player and forgotten to uncheck the bundled components. Thus, AILsaver is also installed at the same time when you install what you want.

Potential Threats of AILsaver

1) It runs into computer without any permission.
2) It consumes most of the system resource and seriously drags down the computer speed. System crash may happen randomly.
3) It may collect your browsing history and confidential information for marketing.
4) Other sort of malware like Scorpion Saver, Safesaver and NewSaver may run into the hacked computer easily with the assistance of AILsaver.

As you can see, AILsaver needs to be removed at once in case further damage. Here’s the manual removal solution you can you remove AILsaver following it. If you have any question during the removal procedure, you are welcome to contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online Computer Experts to be your assistance.

2 Solutions for Uninstalling AILSaver Easily

Solution 1: Remove AILSaver manually

Solution 2: Remove AILSaver automatically (with SpyHunter)

Solution 1: Remove AILSaver manually

Step 1: Remove AILSaver supported programs from Control Panel

Step 2: Reset browsers settings
1. Launch IE and tap Alt+T.
2. Once you see Tools menu, go to Manage Add-ons ->Toolbars and Extensions.
3. Now select the add-on you want to remove AILSaverand select Disable.

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Launch Mozilla and tap Ctrl+Shift+A at the same time. You should see Add-ons Manager there.
2. Go to Extensions, look for the AILSaverand related items and remove them.

Google Chrome:
1. Launch Google Chrome and tap Alt+F
2. Once you start seeing the menu, select Tools -> Extensions.
3. Choose the add-on you want to delete and click on the trash icon.

Step 3: Delete files that AILSaver has added to your system folders and files:


Step 4: Remove registry entries that AILSaver has created to your system registry editor:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run\random.exe"

Helpful Video Removal Guide for AILSaver Popup

Kindly Remainder: If you are too lazy to remove AILSaver manually, you just make the removal automatically. All you have to do is download and install Spyhunter which can do an amazing job for your computer.

Solution 2: Remove AILSaver automatically (with SpyHunter)

Step A. Download removal tool SpyHunter

1) Click here or the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.


2) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter

spyhunter run

spyhunter setup

spyhunter setup

Step B. Run SpyHunter to block AILSaver

Run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to scan your computer, after detect this unwanted program, clean up relevant files and entries completely.

spyhunter3 scan

The Final Tip: There isn’t any good reasons for AILSaver to stay your computer. You’d better get rid of this nasty trouble AILSaver to protect your computer. The Most Antivirus program Spyhunter is your best and convenient choice.

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