Ads by Websteroids pop up constantly and they are unstoppable? What’s happening to my computer? I am already tired of uninstalling and reinstalling the infected browsers. Help! Any would be grateful.

What is Websteroids?

Websteroids, actually is not a virus, is an adware that disguises itself as a browser extension to attack popular browser like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once Websteroids is attached to the browser, some words on the websites are highlighted. When the mouse is over the highlighted words, advertisements launch out. What is worse, these ads seem endless and unstoppable. Additional, Websteroids website turns a webpage into a meteoroids game.
Victims may have repeatedly disabled and removed Websteroids from their extensions list and even uninstalled and reinstalled the browser as well as deleting related files. It didn’t work a bit. And they also ran advanced antivirus programs to block it. Nevertheless, Websteroids it just keeps reinstalling itself without any asking and permission.

Where is Websteroids from?

A victim claimed that he just downloaded a voice chat program named Mumble and then Websteroids happened to mess up browser default settings and search engine.
Usually, unwanted potential programs are packed with free soft wares. Computer users need to be prudent when download free soft wares. Please always choose customize installation over default installation so that unwanted terms and components can be cancelled.
Apart from downloading, Websteroids also can be distributed via spam email attachments. Please always have a second thought before opening any strange email attachments.

More details about Websteroids:

1) It lurks into computer without any warning and permission.
2) It consumes most of system resource as a result computer speed is seriously dragged down, which means it takes a longer time to download a webpage and run a program.
3) It may be communicating with cyber criminals.
4) It keeps records of browsing history and confidential information like account passwords for the third party.
5) It can’t be removed by any antivirus programs.

As you are suffering from Websteroids and don’t know what to do about it. You may try to remove it manually. You can remove it following the manual solution or you can contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online Computer Experts to remove it for you if you are not familiar with registries.

Manual Removal Solution

A: Go to Control Panel and delete Websteroids from Add & Remove program
1. Click on the Start button. This is the small round button with the Windows flag in the lower left corner.
2. Click on the Control Panel menu option.
3. Click on Program
4. Click Add & Remove Program
5. Find Websteroids list and select Remove
6. Press the Apply button and then the OK button.

B: Show all hidden files
1. Close all programs so that you are at your desktop.
2. Click on the Start button. This is the small round button with the Windows flag in the lower left corner.
3. Click on the Control Panel menu option.
4. When the control panel opens click on the Appearance and Personalization link.
5. Under the Folder Options category, click on Show Hidden Files or Folders.
6. Under the Hidden files and folders section select the radio button labeled Show hidden files, folders, or drives.
7. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
8. Press the Apply button and then the OK button.

C: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL combination to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the “Processes” tab, search Websteroids then right-click it and select “End Process” key.


D: Click “Start” button and selecting “Run.” Type “regedit” into the box and click “OK” to delete all Websteroids registries

 HKCU\Software\SIEN SA
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run [Registry Helper]

E: Remove all Websteroids associated files


F: Restart your computer to check if the virus is completely removed.

Similar Video Guide of Removing Websteroids

Note: If you haven’t sufficient expertise in handling virus program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, you will take the risk of messing up your computer and making it crash down finally. If you need online professional tech support, click here to get: Tee Support agents 24/7 online.

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