CyberCafePro Client offers Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, and Gaming Cafes. It supports security, pricing, timing, POS, and chat. The application is easy to install and set up. It operates on standard peer-to-peer networks, including Wireless LANs (on any Windows OS). CyberCafePro Internet Cafe Software is designed for owners of cyber and gaming cafes or any other business that needs to control, charge for, and report on the use of computers. Version 5.1.609 is a bug fixing release.
If you want to remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1,there are step-by-step guide can help you completely remove all the components and files of CyberCafePro Client 5.1.

Quick methods to remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1
1. Remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1 manually.
2. Remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1 by using SpyHunter anti-malware.

Technical details to remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1
a. Ways to manually remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1.

Please save your files/folders and close all the process and files related with CyberCafePro Client 5.1. Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to uninstall it.

Step 1: Please go back to desktop, click Start menuto begin.

Step 2: Then click Control Panel.

Step 3: Open Add or Remove Programs, then highlight CyberCafePro Client Version 5(Remove Only) and click Remove button.

Step 4: Choose Yes option when prompted to uninstall CyberCafePro Client 5.1.

Step 5: click Yes to All option to continue.

Step 6: click OK to remove the program thoroughly.

Step 7: if you don’t want to leave the CyberCafePro Client 5.1 setup file on your local hard drive, you can manually delete the file named CyberCafePro Client 5.1.exe.

Step 8: you can delete its target directory folder manually from C:\ Program Files\CCP Client.



b. Ways to remove CyberCafePro Client 5.1 by using SpyHunter anti-malware.

SpyHunter is a real-time malware protection and removal tool, which is designed to detect , remove and protect your PC from the latest malware attacks, such as Trojans, worms, rootkits, rogue viruses, browser hijacker, ransomware, adware, key-loggers, and so forth. To keep SpyHunter Anti-malware on your computer is an important way to protect your computer in a good condition. Please find the instruction as follow.

Step1. Download SpyHunter by clicking on the icon below. 

Step2. Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter.     

Step3. SpyHunter will start scanning your system automatically right after the installation has been completed successfully.  

Step4. Select the detected malicious files after your scanning and click “Remove” button to clean up all viruses and invaders. 

Note: Manually removal is not an easy job. It is a complex and tough task only suggested to advanced computer users. If you are not so professional on computer, you are recommended to using Spyhunter Anti-malware to remove malware for you once for all. What’s more, Spyhunter can keep your computer from other invaders, which can be regarded as a good way to protect your computer from being attacked.

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