McAfee constantly picks up ZeroAccess.hi (Trojan)? Is your computer slow to crawl due to this infection? No idea what kind of threat it will poses to the system if you were to let it lingers? This post will help you learn more about this Trojan and provide referential steps on how to get rid of ZeroAccess.hi.

ZeroAccess.hi Analysis

ZeroAccess.hi is one of the latest component of a ZeroAccess Rootkit Trojan which is perfectly capable of attacking multiple Windows versions and wrecking chaos in the vulnerable system. We have found various transmission channels for ZeroAccess.hi, most of which utilize some variant of Java, JavaScript or Adobe software exploits in drive-by-download penetration. Bear in mind that it’s necessary to keep the above-mentioned program updated otherwise you will create the opportunity for malware. ZeroAccess.hi is in association with rogue antivirus program and browser hijacker installment. Besides, it’s complicit in the intrusion of numerous Trojan by opening backdoor or downloading arbitrary files from remote server. And, more remarkable, the Rootkit itself has the ability to collect confidential data and transfer to third parties for further identity theft or other illegal purposes. Last and not least,  the Trojan should take full responsibility for a range of anti-security measure and a severe corrupted system which is prone to infections. Thus we are here to highly recommend users to completely remove ZeroAccess.hi once it’s spotted.

ZeroAccess.hi Symptoms

  1. High consumption of CPU and network bandwidth.
  2. Deletion of stored files as well as new creations.
  3. Frequent redirects to different irrelevant pages.
  4. Modified desktop and start menu with missing shortcuts.
  5. Blocked Windows Firewall, update and security center.

Option 1: ZeroAccess.hi removal with manual steps

Step 1 : Go to Task Manager with Alt+Ctrl+Delete and stop its process.


Step 2: Search for and delete its related files in Local Disk C:


%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\random

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll

%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Desktop.ini



Step 3: Navigate to remove the registry entries associated as below in Registry Editor:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\random


Option 2: ZeroAccess.hi removal with automatic detection tool (Recommended)

1. Download SpyHunter.

2. Install the tool by following the prompts shown on the screen, and then complete the installation process.

Installation process shown as follows:

a. Check out download file, and then double click on it to execute it.

b. Give permission to license agreement and check the box stating that you agree to the terms and click “Next.”
c. you will be asked for a “Destination Folder”. You will be installing SpyHunter. You can select any place to install it.

3. Launch a full scan to detect any infections that might be residing on your PC.

4. If any infections are found, Spy Hunter will remove them.

Video Guides

All in all: you have to remove ZeroAccess.hi (Trojan) once installed on your PC, for it can bring a lot of dangerous activities on your system. If you are not a savvy on PC, please try to get rid of this nasty infection with the help of reputable removal tool.

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