Unfortunately intruded by ww9.js.btosjs.info and don’t know how to remove it? Haven’t realized what damages will it give rise to? Btosjs.info keeps rerouting your search on your browser but your antivirus software won’t help handle it? By reading this post, you can have a clear understanding of ww9.js.btosjs.info and find a feasible way to get rid of it.

Ww9.js.btosjs.info messing with your browser? Make it go away!

Btosjs.info, (aka ww9.js.btosjs.info or ww6.js.btosjs.info) is an irritating website that can attack any PC operation system (XP, vista, Win 7 or Win 8), by hijacking Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. As a hazardous redirect virus / web browser hijacker, ww9.js.btosjs.info is designed by cyber criminals to keep redirecting users to its domain forcibly and generate illegal revenue from unwary victims by luring them to purchase its promoting products or services. It’s in such an unethical way that those virus makers are getting richer and richer.

When infected with this redirect, you would confront unwanted pop-up advertisements and they are increasing gradually. Undoubtedly ww9.js.btosjs.info aims to generate more internet traffic and benefit its sponsors who collude with the virus producer to achieve their win-win strategies.

Typically, ww9.js.btosjs.info penetrates into your computer furtively without asking any permission. Once installed, it will modify the default settings of your search engine and homepage, so as to lock ww6.js.btosjs.info or ww9.js.btosjs.info as your homepage. Then it comes a sea of diverts no matter which search engine you’re used. If you carelessly click on the content on the related page, your computer will easily get infected with other spyware or malware. What’s worse, you will even have to face the hazard of identity theft and monetary loss if ww9.js.btosjs.info is not removed timely. To safeguard your computer and your individual privacy details, it’s strongly recommended to isolate and eradicate the hijacker virus as quickly as you can. According to feedback from our clients, we find that most of victims have no luck to uninstall the infection successfully with multiple antivirus programs. As Tee Support labs have studied, ww9.js.btosjs.info need and only can be deleted manually so that it’s kicked off your computer. Here we provide an easy and clear manual approach against ww9.js.btosjs.info, please complete the continuous reading of the post depicted hereinafter to know more.

Screen snapshot from ww9.js.btosjs.info

Potential dangers aroused by ww9.js.btosjs.info virus

  1. Homepage is replaced with http://ww9.js.btosjs.info/.
  2. Frequently get redirected to http://ww9.js.btosjs.info/ and other affiliate pages.
  3. Random ad or fake award type pages opens automatically quite often.
  4. Get endless commercial pop ups.
  5. Certain sites are blocked.
  6. No access to related search results.
  7. Useless add-ons, extensions and toolbar application will come in your sight.

On the grounds of the visible harms, victims should know it better by reading the post below to be clear on the immediacy to remove ww9.js.btosjs.info malware. 

Step-by-step guides to uninstall ww9.js.btosjs.info manually

Step 1- Get into the safe mode with networking:

To perform this procedure, please restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key until Windows Advanced Options menu shows up, then using arrow key to select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list and press ENTER to get into that mode.

Step 2- Remove add-ons:

Internet Explorer

1) Go to ‘Tools’ → ‘Manage Add-ons’;

2) Choose ‘Search Providers’ → choose ‘Bing’ search engine or ‘Google’ search engine and make it default;

3) Select ‘Search Results’ and click ‘Remove’ to remove it;

4) Go to ‘Tools’ → ‘Internet Options’, select ‘General tab’ and click ‘Use default’ button or enter your own website, e.g. Google.com. Click OK to save the changes.

Google Chrome

1) Click on ‘Customize and control’ Google Chrome icon, select ‘Settings’;

2) Choose ‘Basic Options’.

3) Change Google Chrome’s homepage to google.com or any other and click the ‘Manage search engines…’ button;

4) Select ‘Google’ from the list and make it your default search engine;

5) Select ‘Search Results’ from the list remove it by clicking the “X” mark.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on the magnifier’s icon and select ‘Manage Search Engines….’;

2) Choose ‘Search Results’ from the list and click ‘Remove’ and OK to save changes;

3) Go to ‘Tools’ → ‘Options’. Reset the startup homepage or change it to google.com under the ‘General tab’;

Step 3- Change homepage back from this unwanted ww9.js.btosjs.info redirect site on browsers.

Step 4- Show all hidden files

Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. When you’re in Folder Options window, please click on its View tab, check Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then press OK.

Step 5- Remove these ww9.js.btosjs.info associated files on your hard drive such as:

C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\*.*

Step 6- Open the Registry Editor and delete the following entries created by ww9.js.btosjs.info:

(Steps: Hit Win+R keys and then type regedit in Run box and click on OK)

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\random

Step 7- Restart your computer into regular mode to take effect.

Automatic Removal Tool (Recommended)

SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application that designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats like worms, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware, etc. It is important to notice that SpyHunter removal tool works well and should run alongside existing security programs without any conflicts.

Step 1. Download SpyHunter by clicking on the icon below.

Step 2. Follow the details to complete the installation process. (Double click on the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.)

spyhunter run

spyhunter setup

spyhunter setup

Step 3. After the installation, run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to have a full or quick scan on your computer.

Step 4. Tick “Select all” and press “Remove” button to get rid of all the detected threats on your computer.

Notice: If you still can’t figure out the ww9.js.btosjs.info virus by referencing the above manual clean, you’re welcome to click to download Spyhunter here.

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