How do I get rid of the Trusted Saver on Firebox? I’ve been suddenly bombarded by ads on almost every Firefox page from arrest records, to dating sites, to PC offers. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox twice, but they’re still appearing. Any ideas on how to fix this annoyance is appreciated!

What is Trusted Saver?

It seems like that Trusted Saver is a useful program that could help users save money by offering them with discounts. But in reality, Trusted Saver is a malicious adware program, a harmful browser hijacker which attempts to steal users’ financial data and lure them to buy certain products.

Trusted Saver virus usually comes bundled with other freeware programs downloaded from hacked websites. As soon as installed, it will cause redirections to misleading websites and display unwanted pop-up ads on users’ computer screen when they surf on line for shopping. It is not safe to follow the advertisements showed by Trusted Saver as they are spam and will redirect you to suspicious webpages that contain more infected files. (more…)

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