How to speed up PC? Many computer users would ask the questions like that. Although Microsoft did not support windows XP updates, we still got some XP users wondering how to make windows xp faster. To get a faster pc, we can delete some useless files whch take up your system resource and modify some registry to reduce the startup items.

For enjoying the non-compromised features of Windows XP and keeping its freshness as long as possible, you can take the following manual or automatic optimization guide to make it run faster now, and save your time, money as well as get full control of your PC!

Solution one: Optimize your computer manually

1, to speed up the boot time speed
When we have to shut down in XP: the system will send a message to the programs and the remote server, tell them system is about to shut down, and then wait for a response to power off.
Speed up the boot time, we can set up ending task automatically, firstly find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop, set AutoEndTasks key value as 1;
Then there is a “HungAppTimeout” under the branch, change the value as “4000 (or less), default value as 50000;
And then find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \, also change WaitToKillServiceTimeout value as”4000”;


2, removing not using DLL files in memory
At the beginning of the [start] – > [running] — > type [Regedit] – > [HKKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] – > [SOFTWARE] – > [Microsoft] – > [Windows] – > [CurrentVersion].
in [Explorer] Increase an option [AlwaysUnloadDLL], the default value is set to 1.
Note: if the default value is set to [0, which refers to disable this function.

3, to speed up the automatic refresh rate
At the beginning of the [start] – > [running] — > type [Regedit] – > [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] – > [System] – > [CurrentControlSet] – > [Control] – > [Update].
Change Dword [UpdateMode] value as [0], restart your computer.

4, cancel the menu delay
In order to achieve the vision sense of reality, the menu in Windows XP opens with the effect of sliding out, but it will also open slowly. We can in
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop to find “MenuShowDelay” primary keys to change the value as “0″ so that we can remove the menu delay effect.


Solution two: Optimize your computer automatically

Download optimizer RegCure Pro



Run RegCure Pro to improve your computer performance

regcure scan

 Warm tips: if you are not an experienced computer users, it is suggested to download professional optimization tool to make your PC run faster!

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