There are three common tips for you to fix your Windows 7 OS PCs:

Problem one: Press Win key+E cannot open Explorer;

Problem two, USB flash drive cannot be recognized again after exit;

Problem three, DVD cannot be recognized.

How to Fix “Press Win key+E cannot open Explorer”:

After install some optimization software in Windows 7 OS (if the software is not compatible with Windows 7 OS), strange problems will occur, like you cannot open Explore with Win key+E.

Cause: It is because the optimization software has modified some important registry entry items. When the system run those items, errors appear. So before you install a software, you’d better firstly check if it’s compatible with Windows 7 OS  or not to avoid strange problems.

Solution: Click Start menu->run, enter regedit and press enter to open registry editor. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\explore\command, double-click DelegatExecute on the right volume, at the pop-up dialog box enter {11dbb47c-a525-400b-9e80-a54615a090c0}, restart to finish.

How to Fix” USB flash drive cannot be recognized after exit”:

In Win 7 system, USB flash drive can usually be correctly recognized after it is inserted. But if right-click USB flash drive’s icon at the task bar and choose exit t. When you insert the USB flash drive again, Win 7 system cannot recognize it, to fix this issue, you can restart your system.

Or you can try this solution: Enter Win 7 system desktop, right-click “Computer”, select ” Properties”, on the pop-up window, click ” Device Manager” and go to “Universal serial bus controllers” click it to expand. Then right-click “USB Root Hub” and select “Disable”, then enable again. Do this for every “USB Root Hub” one-by-one. And it’s no need to restart the computer.

How to Fix”DVD cannot be recognized”:

Some DVD cannot be recognized by Win 7 because they’re not compatible with Win 7. For example, right-click “Computer”, select “Properties” and click “Device Manager” in the pop up window. You cannot see DVD item but only a yellow exclamation, which says “display data signature error “or prompt message”Windows cannot verify the signature data for this device …” and so on, which means the DVD drive cannot be identified.

Cause: According to Microsoft, this is because SATA driver (Msahci.sys) cannot adapt to Link Power Management (ALPM)’s new power management feature so that lead to some DVD drives’ ALPM function cannot be enabled and implemented, then Win 7 cannot recognize and run the drive.

Solution: Microsoft hasn’t released a patch yet to solve this problem, it is recommended to use bcdedic commend for resolving such problems. Click Start–>All programs–> Accessories, right-click “Command Prompt”, on the pop-up menu, click “Run as administrator”, in the command window, type bcdedit can press enter.


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