Some computer users are seeking for removal solution against a threat named Trojan.Kotver!gm2 on security communities, and the information may look like this, “How can I remove this virus Trojan.Kotver!gm2? It keeps coming back after I run virus scan and remove it. I am running Windows 10.” To help the victims free of the trouble, this post will give you detailed intrusions.

What is Trojan.Kotver!gm2?

Trojan.Kotver!gm2 is a harmful Trojan detected by many security software such as MalwareBytes and SpyHunter, etc. The Trojan can invade the PC via freeware, spam email links and other malicious sources. It may also exploit system vulnerabilities to allow other threats to enter inside the PC. Hence, Trojan.Kotver!gm2 is truly a dangerous infection that should be avoided and removed completely once detected.
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