Attention!!! Recently, Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY is detected in some PCs. If your system is confronted with it, you are welcome to refer to our methods to break away from. Of course, no matter you suffer from it, we similarly welcome your visit.

The Brief Introduction of Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY

Name Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY
Type Trojan
Main Purpose Steal private and confidential information
Targeted OS Most of Windows systems (Windows XP/Vista/8/7)
Propagation Paths With diverse methods
  • Directly damage system via inserting its malicious code;
  • Indirectly mess up system via bundling with other infections.

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