Brief Introduction of Ransomware is a kind of new ransomware that being active for the past few weeks. gets its name from Google MAil ransom and typically operates by infecting users. This ransomware is especially destructive since it can not only encrypt data files but can also encrypt executables. In this case, most of victims’ applications will no longer operate. This trait may it different from other ransomware.
Once infected, will encrypt your files and even executables. And it change the names of the files to [filename].jpg!_gmail.com_.crypt. And it does not leave a ransom note/message. In this way, when the victims want to receive payment instruction, they will be supported to send an email to the address listed in the file name. However, you should not attempt to trust it. there’s no guarantee that this provided email address is true. It is possible that even you pay the ransom, you still can’t decrypt your files. You are highly suggested to remove this ransomware as soon as you can. Read the rest of this post »

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