A complaint about socialdownloadr issues from a victim:

“My browser seems to be hijacked. Instead of going to my default browser, it always goes to Socialdownloadr. I don’t know enough about computers to go in and change things in the registry, but a can’t find a malware program that will clean this off my computer.  Enigma is one that detected it but I have to pay to get it cleaned off and I’m not hearing good things about this program. Can anyone give me advice on this?”

More Details About Socialdownloadr

Socialdownloadr is a toolbar and unwanted browser extension that belongs to PUP and browser hijacker family. It usually gets installed on your computer bundled with freeware, shareware and other third-party programs downloaded from unreliable sources. Besides, it may also spread via spam email attachments, corrupted websites or malicious hyperlinks, etc. Read the rest of this post »

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