I need help please! I received pop-up with a voice command stating that malicious spyware had been placed on my computer and urged me to call Microsoft at Singlepackz.xyz to receive instructions on how to remove the spyware. Is that the real Microsoft phone number? How to get rid of this infection? This post is committed to help you find out what this Singlepackz.xyz pop-up really is, and how to get rid of this infection forever.

What Is Singlepackz.xyz Pop-up?

The Singlepackz.xyz is a fake Microsoft phone number scam which caused by some adware or ad-supported extension within the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. It is designed to scare people into calling a remote tech support phone number (1-0800-090-3285). Normally, there are many sorts of ads. All of them will force you to finish reading their content or promotions and in this time, you could do nothing to your computer. If you fail to block the adware, suspected and malicious popup such as Singlepackz.xyz popup will soon take over your web browser and redirect your page. And then you may even experience slow computer and information leakage. Please keep in mind that the Singlepackz.xyz pop-up is just a tech support scam, calling Singlepackz.xyz or paying the charges is not the key to get rid of Singlepackz.xyz pop-up, not to say secure your computer. All you need to do is to remove malicious browser add-on and files where all issues were coming from.
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