Network security means the network system hardware, software and its system data are protected, not by accidental or malicious reasons, damaged, changed and disclosed; with continuous and reliable system operation and not interrupted network service.


With the Internet as the representative of the global information technology is becoming more and more profound, the application of information network technology is becoming more and more popular and widely used. At the same time, the strong cyclone of Internet also at amazing speed penetrates all aspects of the enterprise. Now, large enterprises have already used the existing network technology to build their own network carrier, including sales, promotion, service, ARP, ERP, etc., providing strong support to the development of enterprises.
The network information an enterprise engages has direct relation to the company’s development, while the company involves business secret and network transactions which once disclosed, its image and reputation will be directly influenced. So in order to protect network security, a design for network security is required.
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