If your web browser is redirected to Miyake-inc.com or http://miyake-inc.com/i/searchsss.html/i/searchsss.html more specifically, your computer has been intruded by a browser hijacker. The homepage and search engine for your web browsers, no matter it is Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, may hay been compromised and replaced by this Miyake-inc.com hijacker. If this truly happens on your computer, we recommend you follow the removal guide in this post to terminate the hijacker issue completely and immediately.

If it is your first time to encounter a browser hijacker, you may be puzzled how this threat gets intrusion into your computer. Well, they come generally with those free programs you download from the Internet. If you pay more attention next time when you download and install a free program, you may notice there are always some optional installations during the install process of free program. You may unexpectedly allow the unwanted programs or even adware, spyware and malware to install by doing nothing. Hence, you are advised to be more attentive and please deselect options you don’t want before they are trigged to install. Want a quick scan to check your PC security? Download Free Scanner Here!

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