Recently, I received a pop up which stated that there are error codes for internet explorer and I was told not to shut down or restart the computer. There was a phone number(877-540-3213) given to call  for a technician immediately. But when I searched for that error code with my own antivirus – it does not exist. Now every time i open IE, will pop up again to disturb. how can i remove it?

What is is a malicious domain that has the ability to hijack your browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In fact it is a fake alert and adware which generates spam system error or alert to cheat you on purchasing expensive tech support via a scam toll-free number. When seeing this pop-up, users may dial the number, they think all matters can be fixed. However, when you do the call you are trigger more serious problems.  By the way, the correct way is to delete Read the rest of this post »

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