What is Feed.newtab.online? Why is your browser redirected to Feed.newtab.online? Is it a dangerous domain? How to remove Feed.newtab.online? What is the good method to get rid of this annoying website? Learn more below and you will get a professional analysis and removal instruction toward this unwanted stuff.

Feed.newtab.online Overview

Feed.newtab.online is a browser hijacker recently detected by some antimalware programs such as MalwareBytes and SpyHunter. It is found to be designed by the company Resoft Ltd., pretending to be a reliable search engine. However, it is not. This is because once you enter its domain address, you will get redirected to search.snapdo.com which is yet another PUP. The intrusion of this browser hijacker will bring a lot of trouble to your computer and there should be no doubt that Feed.newtab.online should be terminated and removed completely once it is found.
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