Does anyone has the same problem with Guardbytes?

“I stupidly opened a fake FedEx e-mail and seem to have downloaded that new GuardBytes Plus Virus. It keeps randomly popping up and telling me to buy it to fix whatever holes in my security I have. Does anyone know how I can remove this? Thank you so much and have a lovely day.”

“I am new here but I was wondeing if anyone has seen the GuardBytes virus? It hijacked my laptop and wouldn’t let me open any browser, run any antivirus software, or even boot in safe mode while asking me to register.. I Goolgled it but I got no hits.”


Recently, many computer users has encountered a big program that their computer has been infected with a new virus called Guardbytes Plus or Guardbytes, however, they don’t know to how to remove this virus from their system. This post will offer you a removal guide. Read the rest of this post »

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