DedCryptor, or DEDCryptor ransomware, is a dangerous is an updated version of EDA2 ransomware able to encrypt files and relay a scary warning to deceive victims for ransom fee. It is critical to remove DedCryptor ransomware immediately before it can compromise your system further to a worst situation. As many computer users are seeking for effective DedCryptor removal solution on communities or forums, this article is to guide you on how to walk through the trouble easily with automatic approach.

First of all, let’s have a closer look at this annoying ransomware.

DedCryptor has similar features like the previous ransomware, such as RAA Ransomware, RSA-4096 Ransomware, DMA Locker 4.0, and some others. And, you usually do not know how and when this threat gets intrusion into your system, until you receive scary warning screen related to DedCryptor and most of your files get encrypted. Read the rest of this post »

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