Is your computer with Blank Paper Output problem? This step-by-step guide can help you safely and quickly fix Blank Paper Output problem. If you have any problem during the troubleshooting process, please contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for more detailed instructions.

Blank paper output when printing? Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting this?

1.For dot matrix printer, causing paper blank, usually because the dried ink ribbon, ribbon pull off, the print head damage, etc., to fix the this issue then ribbon print head should be replaced or repaired;

2. For inkjet printers, mostly caused by the failure to print a blank is due to nozzle clogging, no ink cartridges, etc.,  and cartridge nozzle should be cleaned or replaced ;

3. For laser printers, such failure may be caused by the developer roller is not bothered by the toner (developer roller DC bias is not added), and drum may not grounded, so that the release of negative charge can not gravitropism, the laser beam can not work on the drum.

In addition, the laser printer drum does not rotate, there will not be generated and transmitted images on paper. So, you will need to disconnect the printer, remove the toner cartridge, open the lid on the notch in the drum’s non-sensitive parts to be re-marked into the machine. Switched on for a while, and then remove the check mark is moved, you can determine the drum is working properly. If the toner does not supply or laser beam is blocked, there will be printing blank paper phenomenon. Therefore, we should check whether the toner runs out, the cartridge is correctly loaded in the machine, sealing tape were removed or whether the laser channel if the occluder. Note that, be sure to check the power is turned off, because the laser beam may damage the operator’s eyes.


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