Does the System Restore Point fail to work from now and then? This article can tell you about this topic in details.

Do you know why the Windows operating system restore doesn’t work? Here we will tell you about this in details.

Some possible reasons lead to restore point malfunctions are as follows:  the available disk space of the “System Restore” partition is too small. Please ensure the restore process including “System Restore” creates a restore point before the restore operation, so the user can undo the restoration process. If you experience the failure of the restore, make sure the “System Restore” surveillance has enough partition available disk space.

During the restore process, if the “System Restore” will replace, move or delete files or some other applications are locked, then the restore process will fail.

There may be errors in the restore point, which is due to “System Restore” log file is inconsistent with the actual backup file.

“System Restore” adds tracking files to its change log files when a computer does not shut down properly. In the files are copied or moved to another system restore point directory process, power off or unusual shut off lead to the inconsistencies in the change log. Similarly, there are some certain file items in the change log, but the file itself is damaged or lost.

In other operating systems, it has changed files (contains double operating system). For example, for critical applications or make changes to system files, or move a “System Restore” to another location. At the same time it records to other operating systems. Due to the “System Restore” cannot coordinate this change, so there will be inconsistency.

To change the tracking files from the removable drive on a restore point, to connect the drive to another computer. For the same reason, “System Restore” cannot coordinate this change, please be sure to remember all restore points are interrelated, so any loss or error occur before the restore point will be useless.

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