Actuallyapps is a bogus security tool whose solitary aim is to attract victims to buy its specific program with bogus security warning. As computer individuals launch their computers, Actuallyapps will comes up and make a full scam of the whole system without users approval. After that, fake alert that states that your computer is infected with a bunch of infections will be showed to you. It asked you to buy the full version of its program so as to remove menaces on your computer. Never believe in what it requires, or you will face more serious problems on your computer.

Usually, detrimental files and registry entries will be inserted into your computer, and your booting up settings will be altered by Actuallyapps to start up automatically in your computer. As a result, your system files and important programs are damaged by it, you will find that some functions of your computer are disabled and your PC is in a mess. For instance, your browser is hijacked and you will get blue screen of death constantly. Moreover, you can’t connect to the Internet or your computer screen is locked with only the alert message on it. Thus, you have to learn more details of Actuallyapps and try all the means to get rid of it.

Potential dangers of Actuallyapps

Slow down your PC without your approval

Make you system freeze up or even shut down suddenly

Generate unwanted icon on your desktop

Show countless popups

Make you face data and money loss

Some of the programs or files are disabled

How to remove Actuallyapps (uninstall guide)

Guide one: remove Actuallyapps manually

Manual removal is your best choice to make your computer safe. Before performing the process, we suggest you back up Windows registry at first for unpredictable damages or further usage. You can also chat with online experts for more information.

1) The associated processes of Actuallyapps to be stopped are listed below:

task_manager_explorer two
2) The associated files of Actuallyapps to be deleted are listed below:

C:\Program Files\<random>

3) The registry entries of Actuallyapps that need to be removed are listed as follows:

registry editor

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “<random>” = “%AppData%\<random>.exe”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “<random>” = “%AppData%\<random>.exe”

Video on uninstall Actuallyapps

(If you still have no idea how to get rid of Actuallyapps, you can download effective security tool SpyHunter to fix all the program for you automatically or follow the manual instructions below:)

Guide two: remove Actuallyapps automatically

SpyHunter is a effective, real-time anti-virus program certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System and created to help the average PC user in preventing their computers from malicious menaces. SpyHunter can automatically give your computer optimal protection with limited interaction, now what you have to do is to download and install it for timely and effective protection.

Step One: Install SpyHunter

1) Download SpyHunter here or click the below button to download the file.

2) Double click on SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install the program.

3) After the installation, click Finish.

Step Two: Fix all the detected threats with SpyHunter
1) Open SpyHunter and click Scan Computer Now to allow the program to start a scan on your computer.

2) SpyHunter will now start scanning your computer as shown below.

3) When the scan is completed, all the threats in your computer are successfully detected. Click Select All and then click Remove button to uninstall it.

Note: SpyHunter is a legal and useful antivirus program that can give your PC real-time protection. You can download SpyHunter here and run a scan on your computer after its installation is complete.

Step Three: Optimize Your PC

If you want to speed up the performance of your computer, remove your privacy items produced by online searches, delete junk files and uninstall malware, you are advised to have a reliable optimizer such as TuneUp Utilities, Advanced SystemCare, RegCure Pro and 360Amigo System Speedup. Here takes RegCure Pro as an example.

RegCure Pro has powerful core registry cleaner abilities, but ParetoLogic claims to offer a great deal more than that. There are many registry issues that can triggered on your computers, and these can be very hateful and time consuming to fix them manually. That’s why a program like RegCure Pro appears. It states to be capable of detecting, dealing with, and solving different kinds of registry-related issues, leaving you with a PC that runs faster without interruption. The authors declare that they have created this program to be useful by anyone, but still has the ability to fix tough issues. Those are bold claims, so let’s try to use RegCure Pro in a little more detail to see whether it is as we claims.

1) Download RegCure Pro here or click the below button to download the file.

2) Run the RegCureProSetup Application and click the Yes button to install the program step by step.

3) When the program is successfully installed, double click on its desktop shortcut to open it. On the Overview tab, check all the scan settings and then click on the Click to Start Scan button to run a system scan on your computer. The first system scan will take some time, please be patient.

The screenshot of the system scan progress is shown below.

4) When the system scan is done, click on Fix All button to completely remove all the performance problems in your computer.


RegCurePro is good at solving all kinds of issues on your system such as detecting virus, deleting and renewing your system.Moreover, it specializes in optimizing your computer with its advanced technique.

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