You cannot print anything because your printer is offline? Do you want to know how to fix an offline printer? This step-by-step guide will show you how to troubleshoot an offline printer error.

How to troubleshoot an offline printer? Below are some simple steps which you can follow to fix your offline printer on your own.

Printer offline fix step one:

Check whether the power of your printer is still on. If you haven’t turned on the power, the computer will surely display that your printer is offline.

Printer offline fix step two:

If the power is still on, you will need to check whether the status of USB which connects your computer and the printer .

Printer offline fix step three:

If the USB connection is good, then you will need to check the properties of the printer and see whether you have checked “Use Printer Offline”. If you did, please double-click the printer icon and then uncheck “Use Printer Offline”. This action will make the printer be online again.

Printer offline fix step four:

If it is a network printer, you will need to ping the printer address to ensure that the network is connected.

Printer offline fix step five:

You may have accumulated too many print tasks so you need to remove the print job queue on your computer.

Printer offline fix step six:

You can ask whether someone has changed the printer settings, especially change for energy-saving settings.

Printer offline fix step seven:

Check whether it is the problem of  cartridges.

Printer offline fix step eight:

Maybe your printer’s driver is not suitable anymore. Then you can follow these steps: Download the latest network printer driver -> disconnect the printer from the network -> restart the printer -> delete the printer on the server -> connect the printer to the network again -> Add Printer (updated driver) -> Print a test page (if the printer does not have any response definitely not)

Notice: Printer offline this issue may cause by computer infecting some malware or malcious programs, so we here suggest you downloading SpyHunter here to scan your computer to check.

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