A General Description of Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A

Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A is tagged as a harmful Trojan threat that was first found by MSE security shield. It belongs to another creation of cyber criminals who generate such types of malware to obtain illegal benefits from guiltless users. We have a common sense towards a Trojan that it may be utilized to conduct distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, or perhaps used to drop and install additional variants or other forms of risky software. In worse situation, it allows unauthorized remote, usually surreptitious, access to target machine, which would open ports for hackers and thus result in identify theft or even dangerous consequences. No doubt that the longer you stay with Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A the more damages it may make.

Moreover, this vermin exceedingly degrades infected computer’s normal running via consuming large amounts of system resource. It seriously threatens the effected system and the existing network environment. You should not ignore the bad impact that may be caused by Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A unless you are comfortable to let third-party strangers to know the privacy on the machine. In order to speed up system performance and ensure the system is safe, clean away Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A as soon as you detect it. Here as explained below is a useful article for you, and if you encounter with any difficulty removing it, please feel free to download the powerful Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A remover for automatic scan now.

Disadvantages and Risks of Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A

  1. It slips into your PC without permission and disguises itself in root of the system once installed.
  2. It compromises your computer seriously and implants other sorts of malware or spyware.
  3. You may be redirected to some unsafe websites and advertisements which are not trustworthy.
  4. The Trojan often consumes lots of system resource and notably slows down your computer speed.
  5. The virus can help cyber criminals to track your online activities and steal your personal information.

Optional Tactics to Remove Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A

Tactic 1 – Manual Removal

Tactic 2 – Automated Removal (Recommended)

Explicit Steps for Getting Rid of Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A

–>>Follow the manual steps to remove Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A by yourself

Step 1: Boot your computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

To perform this procedure, please restart your computer and before Windows interface loads, hit F8 key repeatedly. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option, and then press Enter key. System will load files and then get to the desktop in needed option.

Step 2: End all running processes of this malware.

1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc combination to open Windows Task Manager.
If it does not work, please click the Start button, click the Run option, input taskmgr and press OK. The Windows Task Manager should be open.

2) On the Processes tab, scroll through the list to search any suspicious items and stop them.

Step 3: Delete damaged files.

1) Show all hidden files. (Guides: Open Control Panel from Start menu and search for Folder Options. When Folder Options window opens, click on its View tab, tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives and non-tick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then press OK.)

2) Search for and get rid of the following related files and folders.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\random
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll

Step 4: Remove associated registry entries.

1) Tap Windows+R keys together to haul out the Run window, then type in regedit and press Ok.

2) When you have Registry Editor opened, find and delete the following registry values created by the infection.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “CertificateRevocation” =Random

Step 5: Restart your computer to apply all made changes.

–>>Run Anti-malware tool to automatically remove Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A (Recommended)

SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-virus program as well as protection tool, designed to detect and remove all traces of malware, including Trojans, worms, rootkits, rogue viruses, browser hijacker, ransomware, adware, key-loggers, and more. It is of great importance to note that SpyHunter Anti-malware works well and should run alongside existing security programs without any conflicts. It scans the computer quickly and does not slow down the computer.

1: Click here to download SpyHunter.

2: Install SpyHunter step by step. (Double click on the download file and follow the steps on Setup Wizard to complete the installation process.)

3: SpyHunter will start scanning your system automatically right after the installation has been completed successfully.

4: Select the detected malicious files after your scanning and click on “Remove” button to clean all found infections.

Video Guide on How to Modify Windows Registry Entries


Virus:Win64/Rovnix.gen!A mutates its characteristics all the time which multiplies the difficulty of manual removal. If you do not have enough experience in handling virus issue, it is recommended you choose the automated removal approach. Download and install the most popular SpyHunter removal tool here to automatically fix your problem now. Moreover, SpyHunter can take many preventive measures to safeguard your computer.

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