OS Windows 7 is firstly released in 2009. According to media reports and indications, Microsoft will release its Windows 8 operating system someday in 2012.

It is reported that, Windows 8 operating system will apply to desktop, notebook and tablet computers. It can not only run on x86 processors, but also be able to run on ARM-based processor.

Although them time to release the Windows 8 is approaching, Microsoft seems not let up the promotion of Windows 7.People said that Microsoft is currently making investigation on pre-installed Windows 7 PCs trying to learn there are how many consumers and business users have installed Windows 7 and continue to promote it.

These Windows 7 devices include desktop, notebooks, netbooks and “Slates” touch-screen device. Microsoft expects more business users to upgrade to Windows 7 new platform.

Some time ago, Microsoft said that since the October 2009 release, Windows 7’s sales have exceeded 400 million and it plans to sell 200 million copies of Windows 7.
At present, Windows 7 PC not only faces the threat from Mac, but also from iOS and Android Tablet PC.Currently, iPad’s market share has reached 11% of global PC share.

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