Not sure how to utilize the EFI lead to GPT installation system? This step-by-step guide can help you quickly to install a system.

EFI technology, the more important are CSM, Shell and Toolkit. CSM enables computer users to select the EFI firmware or Legacy BIOS to boot systems. And Apple Boot Camp supports this feature through, so we can install Windows on a Mac. As for Shell, which provides a boot command line environment, it can do many things. At present, we need is to use Shell to start the operating system installation program (because that we can install the Windows x64 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 to a GPT partition. However, the old and 32-bit versions of Windows are not able). Toolkit is a command-line tool, like the DOS .com / .exe file, but its extension is. efi.

EFI need to take a partition, its format is FAT32, which is hidden and the default will not mount, so it is invisible in file manager. We can use Mac OS X installation disk or Windows Vista/2008 installation disk manually create the partition (recommended for Windows Vista/2008 installation disk for its good compatibility).

Here are the instructions about how to manually create the partition with a disk

1. Prepare a new hard drive, it seems impossible to have a GPT partition table of hard disk, but MBR can.

Boot into Vista/2008 installation disk, boot from the CD-ROM (Mac machine can boot by holding down the Option key, there will be two CD-ROM icon shown then and you need to choose the left one).

2. Choose the language after installation screen, click Next, and then you can see several options, one is upgrade, and the second is a new installation, and you need to click the bottom point, then hit the next step, and then point at the bottom as a command console as an icon to enter the command line.

3. Creating GPT partition process:

Type diskpart, and press Enter.

Enter the list disk, and you can see hard disk numbers 0,1,2,3 … or something.

Type select disk x (x is the drive disk number), and select the one you need to do partions.

Enter the clean to clear all partitions from the hard drive (if your hard drive is not partitioned).

Type convert gpt to convert the hard disk to the GPT disk partition table (basically it is a permanent transformation, so cannot be back to MBR unless you clear the partition table again with a clean).

Input the create partition efi size =***(*** is the partition size in MB, the default of Mac is 200MB).

Enter the create partition msr size =***( msr is a Microsoft Reserved Partition)

Type create partition primary size =*** id = yyy to create a data partition, it can be used to install the operating system (id = yyy may not type, it represents the GUID partition type (format as MBR partition table FAT / NTFS / HFS + representative of a string partition format, but very long GUID is a globally unique identifier, where no input, then install the operating system, format the partitions automatically generated)

Then repeat the above sentence to create multiple data partitions.

After the construction finished partitioning, you can format the EFI partition to mount as following steps:

Enter list partition to check the EFI partition number.

Input select partition x to select EFI partition (usually is 1)​​.

Input assign letter = x (x represents the driver your drive letter assigned to give, just fill in a letter that has not yet be occupied)

Enter exit to leave diskpart partition tool, which has returned under the command line.

Input format x: / fs: fat / q / y to format the EFI partition, so a GPT disk is done.Hope this helped you a lot.

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