Problem One: How to Uninstall IE 9 in Windows 7?

The first day when Internet Explorer 9 appears, many users cannot wait to download and install for a quick experience. Some users tried IE 9 and themselves are already used to use IE 8. You may think to use back it again.  Then you may ask how to Uninstall IE 9 from your system?

For Windows 7 operating system computers, IE 8 is the default version.IE 9 is like a patch you can easily uninstall it.

To uninstall IE 9, you need to follow steps here:

Click on Start–> Control Panel–>Programs, select Uninstall a program–>find out “Windows Internet Explorer 9”, and right-click it and press Uninstall–>restart your system

After restart, you could find your Internet Explorer 8 is back.

Problem Two: How to Stop MSN Auto Upgrade?

Actually, MSN upgrade is determined by its current version. If the version you’re using is too old, it will keep upgrading.

To stop MSN’s auto upgrade:

firstly, we’ll load msnmsgr.exe to tool “eXeScope”. And then expand the menu on the left side, resources->version. And then on the right side, you’ll see the file displays the version. We just need to modify it to the newest version number and save this modifying.

Next time you log on your MSN, it won’t prompt to upgrade again.

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