How To Install A Wireless Printer on Windows Vista:

Are you looking for the solutions to set up a wireless printer on Windows Vista computer? Today we are going to tell you how to do that step by step :)

Step one – Click Start Menu and then choose Control Panel option.

Step two -Make sure your computer is connected to the network and your wireless printer is turned on. Then you can choose Printer option when Control Panel opens.

Step three- Choose Add a Printer option when the Printers window pops up.

Step four- Then you can choose “Add a network, wireless or Blue-tooth printer” option and click Next to proceed.

Step five- Then you need to choose “The printer that I want isn’t listed” and click Next to go head.

Step Six- Select a shared printer by name. For example, there are five printers available and if you want the Wireless 2, then you only need to choose it from the drop-down list and then click Next to continue. If you cannot find out the target printer, it may be blocked by your security software. Then you need to exit the  security software that may cause the trouble and then try the procedure again.

Step seven- Now you will be prompted that you need to install a driver on your computer so that the computer can setup the communication with your printer later so you need to choose the Install Driver option if you are sure that the driver which you are going to install is safe.

Step eight- Then you just need to wait there for the automatic driver’ s installation.

Step night- When you see the following window appears, then you can choose Next to move forward.

Step ten- Finally, you will receive a window informing you that you have successfully added the desire printer and you can print a test page to see whether the printer works. If everything works, then you can click Finish to complete the procedure.

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