What is Simplelocker?

Simplelocker is a dangerous ransomware which should not keep in your device, since once this cyber threat enters your system, your files will be encrypted by it. Please note that this virus is capable of encrypting videos, pictures and other files that are kept on computer or other device. As soon as it is installed on your computer, it starts asking to make a payment in exchange for a key that should be used for decrypting these affected files. This payment usually requires $21, which is obviously less than a payment. This ransomware is same to the Cryptowall virus, Cryptolocker, Cryptorbit, Critroni, CTB Locker, etc. You are recommended not to pay a ransom on these fake requirements. There is no guarantee that you can decrypt your files if you pay for them. What you pay for the decryption will be the income of the cyber criminals. So once you find your computer infected with Simplelocker, please remove it as soon as possible.

How Can Simplelocker Infect Your PC?

Please be aware that Simplelocker is often promoted by spam emails so you must ignore all mails that look suspicious and never click it. Besides, if you are urgently asked to download the attachment or click the link, you should first check if the sender is normal and legal. If you have been offered to update your Flash Player or similar program, you should better visit its official website instead of clicking the ‘Update now’ or similar button because you can easily download a trojan horse, which is used for downloading Simplelocker to the system. To better prevent the infiltration of this ransomware, you should regularly back up your files and stay away from the spams.

How to Remove Simplelocker?

The following page will offer three available methods for you to remove this malicious ransomware, or any other similar threats. Read the instructions below and help yourself to stay away from Simplelocker .

Method 1: Similar Video Removal for Reference
Method 2: Manual Removal Guide for Simplelocker
Method 3: Automatic Removal Guide for Simplelocker (Click Here to Download SpyHunter)

download spyhunter

Method 1: Similar Video Removal for Reference

Follow the Similar video to remove Simplelocker .

(In case you cannot remove Simplelocker through this video, you are recommended to Download and Install Powerful Removal Tool to fix your PC.)

Method 2: Manual Removal Guide for Simplelocker

Step 1. Uninstall Simplelocker in your system.

Windows 8

  • Press the Windows key to go to the Metro UI start screen.
  • Right-click on the screen and choose All apps from the menu displayed.
  • Go to the Control Panel and choose Uninstall a Program.
  • Right-click on the undesired program and select Uninstall.

Windows 7

  • Open windows start menu go into the search field.
  • Go to Microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup.
  • Remove associated files.
  • Access windows task manager to kill rogue_name processes.
  • To access window’s registry editor to remove registry values.

Windows Vista

  • Go to the Start menu.
  • Open the Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program.
  • Right-click on the undesired program.
  • Choose Uninstall.

Windows XP

  • Select the safe mode and then hit the enter key.
  • Run the control.exe file.
  • Open the control panel and go to user accounts.
  • Click manage another user or create new user.
  • Press the windows key to the login screen.
  • Check the check box to remove all infections.

Step 2. Check your manual removal with RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro is a useful tool that may help you check if you have removed all the traces of Simplelocker . It will scan and optimize your PC as well so that your computer is better protected. You are welcomed to follow the guide below and install it.

1. Click the icon to download RegCure Pro.


2. Click “Yes” to run the profile.

3. Click “Next Button” and finish the installation process.

4. After installation, run the RegCure Pro and scan your computer for errors by making a system scan.

5. After scanning, choose the items you want to clean and fix.

NOTE: In case you can not remove Simplelocker with the manual instruction or you are too busy to remove it on your own, you can choose the automatic removal guide below.

Method 3: Automatic Removal Guide to Remove Simplelocker

SpyHunter is an adaptive real-time spyware detection and removal tool to remove Simplelocker . Please read the instruction below.

Step 1. Click the download button below.


Step 2. After finishing downloading, click Run to install SpyHunter step by step.


Step 3. After finishing installing, SpyHunter will scan and diagnose your entire system automatically.

Step 4. As the scanning is complete, all detected threats will be listed out. Then, you can click on “Fix Threats” to remove all of the threats found in your system.

Final Tips

Simplelocker is totally a malicious ransomware. Hope that you can completely remove it manually by the instructions above. If you have difficulty in removing it or you need a better way to get rid of it, please feel free to download SpyHunter.

If you need a dual protection for your computer, you can download and install RegCure Pro to scan and optimize you computer.

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