Rootkit Blob is really annoying:

“Hi all,
My microsoft security essentials keeps picking up a rookit named Blob that’s in my registry i think. Now microsoft security essentials doesn’t block it or quarantine it. it just wants me to send it to microsoft. I tried running malwarebytes anti-rootkit but it doesn’t pick it up. That’s the only thing that keeps popping up. No other malware as i know of. Can anyone tell me what it is? Thank you!”

Know more about Rootkit Blob

Rootkit Blob is typically a malicious and stealthy type of software which is designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs from normal methods of detection and enables attackers to gain administrator access to a computer.

Rootkit Blob has negative connotations through its association with malware. That is to say, when your computer gets infected with certain malware, the malware is capable of dropping Rootkit Blob into your system to make changes. After that, the attackers will get full control of the infected computer without being noticed.

You’re on the right way to remove Rootkit Blob

Important note:
Before applying any removal method, please backup all your important files in case of any mistakes.

Method A: Manual Removal

This manual method may consume more time than using an automatic tool. If you are familiar with computer knowledge and can pick out suspicious files, then this could be the way to go.

Step 1: Locate Rootkit Blob via msconfig:

1. Open msconfig and enable bootlog.

For XP users:
Go to Start then Run > type in “msconfig” > go to the boot.ini tab and tick “Boot log”

For Vista and Windows 7 & 8 users:
Go to Win+R > type in “msconfig” > go to the Boot tab and tick “Boot log”

2. Restart the PC

3. Open C:WINDOWS or C:WINNT and open ntbtlog and search for malicious files. Get the path of the file name: \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\BadRootkit.sys

Step 2: Open up a command prompt and disable file permission using either the CACLS or ICACLS command.

For example:

Type cmd in the Run box (XP) or search box (Vista/7) with Admin privileges (in Vista and Windows 7 Hit Ctrl-Shift-Enter to enter the command prompt as an Admin) and type
cacls C:WINDOWS\system32\drivers\BadRootkit.SYS /d everyone or
Icacls C:WINDOWS\system32\drivers\BadRootkit.SYS /deny S-1-1-0:FMRXRW

Step 3: Restart the PC

Step 4: Search for the file in the following location and remove it

Clear the temp, %temp% and prefetch folders

Method B: Automatic Removal

Normally, applying rootkit scanners to fix Rootkit Blob issue may be the way to go if you don’t have much time or too lazy to follow the manual method. Here takes SpyHunter as an example.

What can SpyHunter do for you?

– Give your PC intuitive real-time protection.
– Detect, remove and block spyware, rootkits, adware, keyloggers, cookies, trojans, worms and other types of malware.
– Spyware HelpDesk generates free custom malware fixes specific to your PC.
– Allow you to restore backed up objects.

Step 1: Download and install SpyHunter

1. Click the below button to free download SpyHunter.

Download SpyHunter

2. Run its .exe file to install the program and finish the installation step by step.

Step 2: Clean Rootkit Blob easily

1. Open SpyHunter, then click on “Scan Computer Now!” to run a free scan on your computer.

2. When the scan is done, all the threats in your PC are successfully detected. Tick “Select All”, and then click on “Remove” to make your computer clean.

Note: SpyHunter is only free for malware detection. To remove the malware threats from your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware removal tool.

Extra Step: Optimize your PC using RegCure Pro

What can RegCure Pro do for you?

– Fix system errors
– Remove malware
– Improve startup
– Defrag memory
– Clean up your PC

1. Click the below button to free download RegCure Pro.

Download RegCure Pro

2. Double click on its .exe file and click on “Yes” to install the program step by step.

3. When the whole setup process was completed successfully, click “Finish” to close Setup.

4. Open RegCure Pro, go to the Overview tab, and then click on “Click to Start Scan” to run a scan on your system for unnecessary files and invalid registry entries.

The first scan will take some time for the first scanning. Please wait while the program scans your system for performance problems.

5. When the scan is complete, click on “Fix All” to correct all the security risks and potential causes of your computer slow performance.

Below is a Recommended Video for you, see for your reference:

In Summarize:

Rootkit Blob is a malicious rootkit that is clandestinely destroying your computer. Therefore, you are strongly advised to block or remove Rootkit Blob or any other threats immediately.

Download SpyHunter to fix Rootkit Blob issue easily!

Download RegCure Pro to  fix poor PC performance now!

Good Luck and be safe online.

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