POSHCODER virus suddenly encrypted your files? All your important files are still encrypted after your hard work? What is POSHCODER indeed? Keep Reading!

Some Symptoms Description of POSHCODER Virus from Victims

“All of a sudden, my files renamed with end extension as .poshcoder from .txt, .doc, .xls to .psd illustrator files.
I have my data on the laptop since 7 months hard hard effort. I don’t know what this is all about. I had few hours ago’s Restore point automatically created, restored it. But the files on desktop and D drive files are still encrypted with .poshcoder files.
It leave one Unblock Files.vbs in each folder where it encrypted the files. Now that It was first time, It decrypted one file for me and for the rest, it is asking bitcoins to be added to one of the wallet. I don’t know what is this all about and how to get rid of it and get my files decrypted.”

“I am having the exact same issue. Every file has been renamed to filename.docx.POSHKODER etc.
I have the same VBS file as described by the OP. Mine is called UnblockFiles.vbs and is located in every folder.
Every file was edited at 8.28am this morning which is when I first turned the laptop on.”


Brief Description of POSHCODER

POSHCODER is a malware, similar to Cryptolocker, which is related to ransomware that will encrypt users’ files without notification and permission. Once the special files stored in the system are completely encrypted, POSHCODER virus will show its interface and ask you pay for those files by bitcoins within specific hours.

POSHCODER virus usually will encrypt txt, .doc, .xls to .psd etc that may contain significant company contracts, precious photos, achievement in work, which are really important to users. The cyber criminals who designed POSHCODER virus catch the crucial point! If users are not willing to lose the important files, they may compromise to cyber criminals and pay for ransomware.

Some users may try to fix this serious issue by themselves first, this is a good action! Users may try to restore system, but Tee Support experts will tell you that you may rescue your system and it will not help to the encrypted files by doing so. Still, users must take action to remove POSHCODER virus completely! Otherwise, the files in the removable devices will be infected with POSHCODER virus when the removable devices are plugged into the infected PC.

POSHCODER Virus is Quite Malicious

1. POSHCODER virus attacks PC randomly
2. POSHCODER virus encrypts users’ important files
3. POSHCODER virus scams users’ money to decrypt those files
4. POSHCODER virus may bypass the removal from antivirus

Remove POSHCODER Virus Manually with These Steps

Step1: Boot your PC into safe mode with networking.

Step 2: Open Task Manager and close all running processes of POSHCODER virus.


Step 3: Remove these associated Files on your hard drive such as:


Step 4: Let’s go to Registry Editor and delete the following entries:


Video Removal Guide for POSHCODER Virus

For the double-check, users are highly advised to use powerful antivirus to scan PC threats and remove them completely

Download SpyHunter to delete POSHCODER virus automatically.

1) Click this link to download SpyHunter to remove POSHCODER virus.
2) Click “Malware Scan” to run a scan.

3) Remove all detected threats.

Note: POSHCODER virus may be removed by some powerful security tools. But this POSHCODER virus is mainly to encrypt files to scam users’ money though POSHCODER virus is removed, the encrypted files are still corrupted. It is an extremely hard work to decrypt the encrypted files, users aren’t strongly advised to pay for POSHCODER virus since there is no guarantee for remote hackers. Users can search some decryptor programs and check whether they work or not.

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