Is your computer injecting with E-mail Virus? And not sure what it is and the methods to protect your computer well against email virus. This article guide can help you clearly learn about E-mail Virus and prevent it safely and quickly.

E-mail has become the main communication mode of many enterprise daily offices. Nowadays, viruses spread all over continually you need to pay close attention to. And email has been a kind of virus transmission, a good deal of enterprises and computer users suffer from the danger of e-mail viruses. To be smart user, you need to know how to prevent the erosion of the comprehensive email virus and ways to create a safe environment for daily office.

E-mail virus definition and characteristics

E-mail virus is the same as ordinary computer virus, only for their main route transmission is through e-mail, so it is known as “E-mail Virus”. E-mail virus is mainly making user’s computer infected with viruses. E-mail virus except contains transmissibility, enforceability, destructive, it still have the following several features:

1.  Propagate itself fast: in the stand-alone environment, the virus only through the U disk or CD-ROM to transmit from on computer to another. And in the network, it can be transmitted quickly through this network communication mechanism: e-mail.  According to the determination, for a typical PC network in normal use, as long as there is a workstation is infected with virus, then hundreds of computer from the internet can be injected in a few minutes.

2.  Spread wide: Because the user mailbox mail not only spread in a signal computer, which directly results in “e-mail virus” propagate fast but also quickly infect all computers within the LAN, it also pass all viruses to miles away in a flash.

3.  Difficult to remove virus: virus from single computer sometimes can be removed completely by deleting infected files, formatting the hard disk and other measures. However, once the user’s computer is infected with a virus, it is very difficult to get rid of the virus. Meanwhile, the completed cleaning up computer is likely to be infected by other infected workstations, so it makes email virus hard to terminate.

4. Destructiveness: Network computer is infected with e-mail virus, and it will directly affect the work of network, light influence is lower speed, efficiency, heavy influence is making the network and computer crashes, material lost.

5. Elusive: compared to other viruses, e-mail virus is more anonymously. Generally speaking, e-mail virus is usually hidden in email attachment or the writing paper. It must accelerate the spread of the virus extent, it also increase the difficult to kill viruses.

To prevent email virus, you must be able to accurately identify email virus, especially the ordinary users. Once you master the “E-mail Virus” feature, it is helpful for users to identify email virus. Here, we will introduce you some tips to recognize “E-mail Virus”.

1.  Check up the attachment size:

E-mail attainments is usually the best carrier for e-mail virus, you can identify whether the email carries the virus through checking the attachment size. Usually, the size of a Word document is about dozens of K, its picture is in 50 K (definition about different size, there will be very large gap). If you found the email attachment is hundreds of K, then this email may carry the virus.

2. Look up the email address:

The “Email virus” communicators often use some strange email address, please be careful when received from the strange email address. If you have received this type of email, you should look at the email address and its message. If the content is insignificant and not associated to the work, then it can be determined as the virus carriers.

3. Authenticity identification letter back:

If the recipient’s email address was wrong, mail server will automatically return the message. Some “E-mail Virus” communicator can use normally disguised back spreading the virus for only one attachment in the email. Once the user open the counterfeit mail and view the letter accessories, “E-mail Virus” will infect his/her computer. Therefore, the user must identify the authenticity. The method is very simple, look at the email address. For example, hotmail email, letter back to the sender, the sender appears as

4. It is easy to understand “E-mail Virus” is also a kind of virus from the above description, but there are some particularities. So computer users must make use of antivirus software functions, to develop a through program to prevent email virus.

Remove E-mail Virus Automatically (with SpyHunter)

Step A. Download removal tool SpyHunter

1) Click here or the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.

2) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter

Step B. Run SpyHunter to remove this infection

Run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to scan your computer, after detect this unwanted program, clean up relevant files and entries completely.

You need to keep in mind: It is not recommended you to remove E-mail Virus by yourself to avoid some unexpected risks like a loss of significant system files. The most recommended way is to download popular removal virus tool here to remove it.

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