Do not know how to get rid of stubborn virus completely and effectively to secure your computer? This step-by-step guide can show you safely and quickly remove viruses.

Although there are many antivirus software and firewall for everybody to secure your computer, but the new viruses and Trojans, with the invasion of hackers, it is common that your computer is infected with virus. Especially the Internet users, once the computer is injected by various viruses, what you should do to prevent being tainted. Here about some emergency measures you should need to know.

1. Disconnect the internet first once any abnormal found.

If the Internet Explorer asks if you run some ACTIVEX control, or generate unknown documents and debug scripts, please pay attention to. If you may have caught up, there are two kinds of typical Internet Virus:

1) Your homepage was modified or title was changed by visiting malicious websites. And when you format disk or make your windows open until exhausted? Then the data saved on the hard disk data was likely damaged or lost.

2) The potential Trojan horse or worm attack your computer, they send your privacy continually outside or send junk with the use of your name and email address in order to propagate viruses.

2. You should backup and transfer documents and e-mails quickly after being infected.

In order to prevent any antivirus software deletes the important documents or emails by accident, first you need to transfer them to other storages. Some documents with long filename and unhandled emails are required to backup under Windows.

3. Run the CIH software under Windows (even it is poisonous environment)

If you find the CIH virus, first you need to turn off the computer, start the computer with system disk to remove the virus. It is necessary to delete the virus through the CIH killed software under poisoned environment. Anti-virus may report some files which are under reading that cannot be removed.

4. Again, change your network related password after recovering the system.

Including the network username, password and email password, etc. In order to prevent hackers from stealing your password, because a lot of worm virus can send the random information to a remote hacker, so it is necessary to change your password.


5. Need a clean DOS startup disk and antivirus software with DOS

So far, you may shut down the computer and launch Windows with a clean DOS Startup disk according to many antivirus software standard manual. Besides, some Windows key documents are destroyed after injecting with viruses, there will be frequently illegal operations come up.


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