Printer cannot print? How to fix it? This step-by-step guide will analysis several causes of Printers cannot printer problem and give details solutions to fix it. If you have any problem during the Printers cannot printer problem fix process, you can follow this article to learn more about it.

It is really frustrating when there are some documents urgent in need but your printer happens to be out of work and gives you all kinds of errors. Why is my printer stopping working suddenly? There are many reasons causing the printers fail to print, here are the main causes and solutions to help you repair the printer cannot print problem.

Step 1 Please firstly check if your printer status is online.

Step 2 Restart your Printer

If your printer is online but you still cannot print, you can restart your printer which may be not only clear the printer memory, but also solve the printer malfunction.

Step3 Set up the Printer as default printer

Go to windows Start menu, point to “Settings”, click “Printers” to open the “Printers” window. Right-click the printer icon, and then click “set as default” button. If there is no printer in use, click “Add Printer” and follow the instruction to install the printer

Step 4 Check if the printer is set to pause printing.

Check it the way as step 3 and unmark the “Pause Printing” option

Step 5 Make sure your free hard disk space is not less than 10MB.

If the available space on the hard driver is less than 10MB, you need to free more space to finish do the printing. Click “Disk Cleanup” button and then on “to delete the files” list box, select the file type you want to delete, click “OK” button.

Step 6 Check if the printout of the associated application is correct.

Create a new “Notepad” and just type in some text, then click “Print” on “File” menu, if you can print the test document, it should be something wrong with your current printer application. Check if WPS, CCED, Word or other applications select the proper printer; If the print files are generated by printer application, please check if the printout is correct. Reinstall the printer program.

Step 7 Check if the printer driver is running properly and if the printer configuration is correct.

1)       In the “Printer Properties” window, click “Details” option to check the following contents: In the “Print to the following port” selection box, check the printer port settings are correct, the most commonly used port “LPT1 (printer port),” but some printers are required to use other ports; If you cannot print large files, you should focus on the examination of “timeout” values of “timeout” setting.

2)       If the printer driver is out of work, you need to reinstall it. In the “Printers” window, right-click the printer icon, then click the “Delete”, then click “Yes” button. If prompted to “Delete this printer special file”, click “Yes” button. If you are prompted to delete the default printer, click “OK” button.

3)       In the “Printers” window, double-click the “Add Printer” icon, open “Add Printer Wizard”, click “Next” button, and then perform on-screen instructions.

Step 8 Stop the print queues and clear the jam print tasks.

1)       Go to the Start menu, run “net stop spooler” without quotation and press ok, you will stop the print queues

2)       Run “spool” without quotation and press ok, on the spool window, double click printer folders and clear all the files inside.

3)       Run “net start spooler” and press ok to restart the printer.

Step 9 Virus/Trojans/Spyware will also cause the printer failure; you need to run a full scan to remove potential threats on your system.

Step 10 Make Sure the printer port and printer cable are working properly.

If after trying the above steps, your printer is still not working. Remove this threat easily, shortly and automatically, you can choose to use Spyhunter. Download Spyhunter by clicking here to scan virus freely.

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