Are you frustrated with Windows Errors – Blue Screen, Runtime, Rundll32, DLL Files? This step-by-step guide can help you safely and quickly fix  Windows Errors – Blue Screen, Runtime, Rundll32, DLL Files.

What is Windows Errors – Blue Screen, Runtime, Rundll32, DLL Files?

As is known to all, Windows Registry is an important part of a computer’s operating system. The registry functions as a working database of configuration settings necessary for your computer’s operating system. This includes entries for all the installed hardware, drivers, software, memory, user settings, system configurations and license details  of your computer. So any incorrect performance can lead to system programs and windows errors. After each reboot prompt runtine error program c: windows system32 rundll32.exe  or this application has reguested the runtime to terminate it in an unsual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.
What to do?

Not maintaining the registry regularly can result in system slow-downs, crashes and stalls. Keeping on top of registry problems before they occur will help you to maintain a more stable and faster operating system. A well maintained registry and operating system will help you to avoid a number of common Windows errors including:

  • ActiveX Error
  • Application Error
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Dll Error
  • Kernel32 DLL Error
  • Rundll Error
  • Rundll32 exe Error
  • Runtime Error
  • Startup Error
  • Windows System32 Error
  • Win32 Error

The registry is the core of operating system as mentioned, operating system settings for all properties are included in the registry, if the registry entry is damaged or is missing, it will lead to affect the stability of the system. A typical problem often found with a poorly maintained Windows registry is the prevalence of redundant entries left behind from uninstalled drivers and software. Running a software uninstaller or the Windows Add/Remove utilities may not completely remove all registry entries. Furthermore, if your computer was infected by spyware or adware at some point there may still be registry entries for it. These redundant entries can easily be removed with the use of a registry cleaner. If you suspect your computer is currently infected with spyware or adware it’s a good idea to remove the infection using a reputable antispyware tool before scanning for obsolete registry entries. So if you encoutered with windows errors, you should take care when you want to fix it yourself.

Solutions to fix blue screen error:

1. Restart your PC.
Sometimes just a temporary program or driver mistakes, they will turn over a new leaf after a restart.
2. new hardware
First, it should check for new hardware is plugged in firmly, the problem is many people tend to ignore the cause of many inexplicable failure if to confirm there is no problem, unplug it, then try another slot, and install the latest drivers for the same time should also control the Microsoft website to check the hardware compatibility class whether the operating system compatible with the hardware if your hardware is not in the table, then get the hardware manufacturers website inquiries, or call their telephone consultation.
Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List
Windows 2K compatible types of hardware

3. new drivers and new services
If you have just installed a new hardware drivers, or install a certain software, but it added in the corresponding system service projects (such as: anti-virus software, CPU cooling software, firewall software, etc.), or appear in the reboot a blue screen failure, please go to safe mode to uninstall or disable them.

4. Check for viruses
Such as Blaster and Sasser and other viruses can sometimes cause Windows Blue Screen of Death, so essential for killing the virus, while some of the Trojan spyware will cause a blue screen, so the best re-use tools to scan.

(You can download the best virus scanner SpyHunter automatically here)

5. Check the BIOS and hardware compatibility
For the newly installed computer often blue, it should be checked and upgraded to the latest BIOS version, and close one of the memory-related item, such as: cache and mapping. In addition, should the control of Microsoft’s hardware compatibility list to check their hardware. There is If the motherboard BIOS can not support large capacity drives can lead to blue screen, need to be upgraded.

Guides to fix runtime, rundll32 error:

1 Click Start, and in the “Start Search” box, type msconfig, and then press Enter.
2 Click the “enabled” tab, confirm how well the current state, click “Disable All” so that the restore operation can be performed against.
3 Click the “Services” tab, select the “Hide All Microsoft Services”,  press “Disable All.” after comfirming how well the current state is.
4 Press the “OK” to restart the computer after the confirmation.

(Note: As for the virus checking part, if you are not familiar with viurs registry entries, you are suggested to download the most popular antivirus program SpyHunter to troubleshoot  the issues further.)

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