I used your service for the first time today and want you to know that I was very impressed!!  I’m an “old techie” myself,  so I know my way around a computer and can manage most issues.  But yesterday I was hit with an ugly virus that I could NOT get rid of on my own.  It was making me crazy.  This is a business computer so it was critical that I get the issue resolved quickly.
I found you guys on the web, and gave it a try.  I was blown away with how knowledgeable your support person was.  She was available when I needed help, and she was a obviously a PRO.  She knew how to navigate the operating system, and clean the registry and boot drive.  She had tools that she could easily download to my machine, and she got rid of that virus very quickly.  She was obviously highly technical and communicated well along the way.   And lastly, she carefully cleaned up my machine, removed the tools that she downloaded, and took time to prove to me that the virus was removed.
I’ve worked with a lot of technical people over the years, and this was a GREAT experience.
I will definitely remember Tee Support in the future, and I’ll recommend you to friends and colleagues. 
Thanks, Barry

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