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Remove InstallConverter Bundle Uninstaller-Get rid of Install Converter

Published April 9th, 2014 by Lena Jones

I got the Websteroid application after installing “InstallConverter bundle uninstaller” program published by InstallConverter. I am trying to remove all the installer from InstallConverter but have no way. How can I do? Please read this post to remove InstallConverter from infected PC.

Information of InstallConverter

InstallConverter is malicious application bundle with many subordinate programs such as Websteroid, SearchProtect, Search conduit, PC Utilities Pro and so forth. InstallConverter can come into your system along with free software, files and drivers. You may also get infect by opening spam emails, sharing corrupt content, or clicking to unsafe web sites, and so on. Once infected with InstallConverter, it will change your computer system setting by modifying system files and registry entries. When you start your computer, it will run at the same time. It will pop up on your screen randomly and automatically without your permission.

On the popup, you can see the message shows in the following picture:

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Permanently Remove PUP.Optional.InstallIQ.A from Your Computer

Published November 1st, 2013 by Joseph Alexander Miller

Are you familiar with this PUP.Optional.InstallIQ.A? Do you really know how dangerous this thing to your computer? It is new detected threat by MalwareBytes which seems hard to be removed from your computer. Follow this post and you will know something what this thing really is.

Description of PUP.Optional.InstallIQ.A:

PUP.Optional.InstallIQ.A is a seriously dangerous and nasty malware threat found MalwareBytes antivirus program. You gonna be cautious about it when you online for which this thing can really corrupt your computer aggressively once it sneaks into your computer. Getting into your computer, PUP.Optional.InstallIQ.A will firstly change some system settings in your computer and randomly add lots of disturbed applications like ads on your browser that can just pop up on your screen when you launch your new tab. Sometimes, you can suddenly be redirected to some other pages which can basically increase page traffic. That’s how hacker who created this thing gets benefits. Moreover, it can also forcibly install some malicious programs like some installers into your computer, and the performance speed of your computer will generally be slow down for some malicious programs take place the CPU usage of your computer. Read the rest of this post »

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How to Remove Twunk_32, twunk_32.exe Manual Removal Guide

Published September 17th, 2013 by Claire Brown

I noticed that my computer needed a longer time to start, and then my antivrus program picked up a program called Twunk_32. After that I randomly get a pop up strange audio without a single window, I cannot hear anything. I can stop this audio as long as I end the twunk_32.exe process. However, the audio appears again in a few minutes. Can someone help me to uninstall this program?

Basic Facts of Twunk_32 Virus

Twunk_32.exe is known as a process installed on users’ computers to help them open or perform the system files that needed to execute programs and applications. Mostly, this file can be found on the Windows folder under the system drive. In the common sense, Twunk_32.exe is a normal system process, and it cannot do any damage on the computers. But according to the computer users’ sufferings, computer security experts have given some reports that sometimes twunk_32.exe has been a huge threat for the computers’ users and informed users to be aware of this program. Read the rest of this post »

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Remove starthelp.exe – Malware starthelp Manual Removal

Published September 17th, 2013 by Claire Brown

My computer has installed three brands of internet browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and IE, but I never use them in the meantime. Yesterday, an odd phenomenon appeared, a privoxy “starthelp.exe” popup on my screen, and asks me to allow or not, I ran my antivirus program, but reveal nothing, and I couldn’t stop the popups, I feel scared that starthelp.exe may destroy my system.

Inundated with Popups from starthelp.exe

Most computer users usually don’t notice this program and first realize this program for they get a lot of popups from privoxy “starthelp.exe”. In most instances, starthelp.exe is known as a malware that sneaks into the target system without asking users’ permission. Basically, this program can enter into the computer by utilizing the vulnerabilities of the system, or window firewall, attaching with the freeware or shareware, packing with infected websites or spam emails. Once installed, a host of popups display on the screen, and it can be discovered on all a kinds of brands internet browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. Read the rest of this post »

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How to remove MyScrapNook Tolbar, MyScrapNook.exe Virus Manual Removal

Published September 11th, 2013 by Claire Brown

I accidentally find a toolbar called MyScrapNook that it isn’t installed by me. And I want to uninstall it when I notice, and I go to the control panel, then I can see a program MyScrapNook.exe on the listed add or remove program, I quickly press the Remove button, but MyScrapNook comes back a few minutes later. You can read this post to fix your problem.

Creepy MyScrapNook Toolbar

MyScrapNook toolbar is a recent malware that refers to a kind of adware and browser hijacker. MyScrapNook toolbar is created for an attempt to help computer users share collages and cards online, and users can utilize a single click of a button to finish the establishments with the help of this toolbar. As we all know that, MyScrapNook toolbar is used on community sites to access users into connecting with users’ favorites communized sites such as Facebook, Twitter or others. This toolbar claims to speed up the browsing activities and provide wonderful search results while searching on the internet by using it. It is often provided from and creates an address bar onto the existing internet browsers including Google chrome, Mozilla or Microsoft IE, Yahoo, and Bing. Read the rest of this post »

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Get Rid of Zip Opener Packages and ‘Its Tails’ From My Computer Completely

Published September 10th, 2013 by Betty A Lance

Learn More about Zip Opener Packages

Zip Opener Packages is classified as potentially unwanted program, which will drop several additional programs without users’ approval once installed in a few minutes. Meanwhile, Zip Opener Packages is also promoted by third party legitimate applications. Thus, your computer will comes not a few crashers if you install a corrupted application by mistake. Some additional programs can be refused during the installation procedure, but some are installed together with program that users want to use, there is no option to select.

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