Is your computer encountered with problem that can’t run exe files after virus removal? This step-by-step guides can help you safely and quickly fix issue can’t run exe files after virus removal.

Why i Can’t run exe files after virus removal? How to fix?

What cause can’t run exe files after virus removal problem?  Have you got problem with windows can’t find exe files and the program used to open the “application” type of file exe location? Because anti-virus or computer was infected with viruses, on your machine you found out that Exe is not working, when double-click to run it then the pop-up dialog box appears, choose Open, then you can get Can’t run exe files. Still Can’t run exe files after virus removal problem occurs for the antivirus deleted some infected files that are associated with some EXE programs, once those files were deleted unheeding. Then the EXE programs were corrupted. That is why you get such issue after the virus removal. And you can’t open any EXE applications. Many computer users don’t know how to remove or how to fix this annoying problem, for any mistakes will dute system crash or blue screen. However, this is a ergent case, if you use or open any exe files or programs for working. So can’t run exe files after virus removal problem must be fixed thoroughly to keep your computer runs fine again.

Can’t run exe files after virus removal Step-by-Step Repair Instructions

Option One: First renamed regedit.exe as or regedit.scr.

Run, find hkey_classes_rootexefileshellOpencommand key, set the default value to% 1% * and restart, and then rename back to regedit.exe.

Option Two: The following content saved as exefile.reg, double-click to import it to the registry; or run  exefile.reg in pure dos regedit, you can import the registry. (Note: leaving  a blank line behind regedit4 )

@ =% 1% *

Option III (for win2000/xp):

1. Rename the cmd.exe as or cmd.scr.
2. Run
3. Run the following two commands: ftype exefile =% 1% *
assoc. exe = exefile
4. Rename back to cmd.exe

(There is possibility that the virus hasn’t been removed completely, and the rest part of the virus affects other programs. To thoroughly get rid of virus infection, you could get the best virus remover  SpyHunter for professional help.)

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