Has your Internet Explorer home page been changed to an unknown website? After tried many ways, you still cannot change it back to the former home page?

There are three methods to fix this problem:

When surfing Internet, web browser homepage can easily be changed by malicious sites to their own homepages. Every time you open your Internet Explorer, a malicious site appears and with other windows open too. After closing all the windows, there is still a rectangle blank area cannot be eliminated.

First method you may try to get back your home page:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys and find out the malicious site’s process and end it. Go to C drive, find out malicious site’s file and delete. And then you try the step: Click on Internet Options->under homepage, type your favorite site and click apply. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work again, then the system might be infected with a virus or malicious program, you should firstly get rid of the virus or malicious program.

Second method you may try to get back your home page:

To use web browser repair tool or some security software for fixing the issue. But those tools are not omnipotent, sometimes they cannot recover the home page for you, and then manual repair approach should be used.

Third Method you may try to get back your home page:

Get rid of the malicious site’s value in registry editor. Click Start–>run–> type regedit.exe in the box, open registry editor. Click on File menu, select Find, and type in the “malicious site” that your homepage has been changed to. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main and find out “Start page”, right-click it, select Modify, change it to be the site you want to be your homepage or leave it blank.

Note: Those  methods can solve most of the malicious homepage problem. If you still cannot get back your own home page with them, you can contact online expert for help.

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