“I was redirected to couponsforcart.com when I was browsing pages. Now my browser seems being hijacked by a blue screen error and it asks me to call Microsoft technicians for help. Am I infected with virus? How can I fix this problem?”


Couponsforcart.com is a fake domain that may put your computer at risk if not getting rid of it immediately. Once infected, your page will be redirected to a strange website named couponsforcart.com, and it will give you a warning that your computer is in troubles. Meanwhile, it will ask you to call Microsoft technician for help by calling a number it offers. Actually, it cannot help you solve the problem because all it wants is to cause problems and to earn money. The cyber criminals behind couponsforcart.com attempt to persuade you buying some tools or installing some programs. If you trust them and pay for the service, your computer will face disasters.

Lots of coupons, deals, and such pop-up ads will take over your browsing pages when you are surfing the Internet. In addition, couponsforcart.com may take control of your computer by modifying the settings of your browsers so that your homepage and default search engine will be replaced by suspicious websites it offers. If you do not notice the changes and use them to search for information, you will bring more viruses to compromise your computer. What is worse, your personal information and important files are probably exposed if couponsforcart.com staying in your computer longer.

Couponsforcart.com is usually bundled with free software which means it can’t get into your computer without your permission. You may be confused when you let it in. In fact, you totally ignore the installation of free programs and that is the chance for couponsforcart.com sneaking into your machine. You should very careful with the instructions during the installation and don’t forget to choose custom or advanced options when you see them. Besides, knowing how to remove it from your computer is as important as knowing how to avoid being infected. The following content will tell you the removal solutions.

Method 1: Manual Removal

Remove from browsers(Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click open menu >?Options

firefox options

2. Clean the Home Page and?Click Restore to Default under the General tab.

firefox general- default page

3. Restart your browser to complete the removal.

Google Chrome

1. Click menu in the top-right corner. Select Settings.


2. Click Set pages and delete the malicious site.

google setpages

3. Restart your browser to make sure the removal has done.

Internet Explorer

1. Click the tool menu ?> Select Internet Options


2. Under the General tab, type a reliable site and click Apply and then OK.


3. Restart your browser.

Method 2: Follow the removal video below

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Method 3 : Automatic Removal with SpyHunter

SpyHunter will help you to :

  • Scan your PC completely and find out the problems.
  • Remove malicious programs and virus efficiently and safely.
  • Protect your PC from being attacked.

1. Click Download button to get free SpyHunter.

syhunter download  13

2. Click Run to continue the installation.


3. Wait for a few minutes to scan your PC completely.

Malware Scan by SpyHunter

4. Click Fix Threats to finish the scanning.

fix threats big one

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Optimize PC with RegCure Pro

1. Click Download button below ↓

regcure pro download

2. Click Run to allow the installation of RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro Run

3. Click Next to continue.

Welcome to RegCure Pro Setup

4. Click System Scan to check your computer completely.

regcurepro step three

5. Click Fix All to finish the optimization.

regcureprostep four


Manual removal requires proficient computer sills, if you are not an experienced user, you are recommended to use SpyHunter to get rid of malicious programs.

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