BCU.exe is located under C:\Program Files, this propram has no visible window just a digital signature. BCU.exe will start automatically when Windows starts. BCU.exe file is not a system file it can used by hackers to infect your computer.

There are some methods for you to judge whether your computer is infected with BCE.exe and there are three steps for you to remove it.

Step 1: Find BCU.exe Path with Windows File Search Tool

1. Click Start, and then click Search; select All files and folders in the Search Companion window.

2. Under the “All or part of the file name” item, enter “BCU.exe”.

3. Under the “Look in” item, select “Local Hard Drives” or “My Computer”, and then click “Search” button.

4. When Windows search is complete, highlight and right-click on the file “BCU.exe” that you want to delete and select “Delete”. (Alternatively, you can select the file and press the “Delete” button on your keyboard.)

Step 2: Remove BCU.exe Processes with Windows Task Manager

1. Press the combination keys CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open  Windows Task Manager.

2. Under the tab Processes, search for “BCU.exe” process by name from the list of “Image Name”.

3. Select the “BCU.exe” process and click on the “End Process” button to stop it.

Step 3: Check for and Delete Other BCU.exe Files

1. To open the Command Prompt window, click Start and then click Run; type in cmd and then press the “OK” button.

2. In the emerged window, to change directory, type in “cd name_of_the_folder” (for example, cd C:\Spyware-folder); press Enter button.

3. Type in “dir /a” and press Enter button to display the folder’s content even the hidden files.

4. Once you find the file you’re looking for, type in “del name_of_the_file”.

Hope the information will work for you.

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