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Eliminate 1-855-972-2854 Scam Pop-up-Stop Fake Security Warning from Infected PC

Published April 27th, 2016 by Icy

Victim: My laptop computer is locked up. I have a message from says,”Your Microsoft Computer has been blocked.” Message says to call Microsoft at 1-855-972-2854. Does anyone know if that is a legitimate number for Microsoft Support? I am worried that this may be a scam. My computer is totally locked up with error code 0x80040201. Is this a scam?

More Details of 1-855-972-2854 Scam Pop-up

1-855-972-2854 is from a fake security alert supported by scammers or hackers to threaten victims and then recommend them to call the scam helpline 1-855-972-2854 so as to further lure them to do as it hopes and persuade them to give payment for their tech support. In reality, 1-855-972-2854 is a member of the scam number.

Watch Out!!! Victims should be watchful of PC security as guided to 1-855-972-2854 pop-up and asked to contact technician at 1-855-972-2854. As a matter of fact, this scam pop-up means that hijacked computer has been attacked by certain malware such as adware, virus, worm, or suspicious activities.

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What Is Malware? Secure Your System from Malware Attack!

Published April 27th, 2016 by Tee Support Agents

Malware, short for malware software, is a general name for software that can prevent a computer system from normal running and even destroy the system. Malware is in between virus application and legit software; it obtains both common features, such as download and media play, and malicious activities like popping up ads and exploit backdoor. Malware can bring real and significant damage to computer users.

Generally, malware is found to have all kinds of behaviors, summarized as below:
  • Install without permission, hard to uninstall.
  • Once installed, modify browser homepage and lock it to prevent removal.
  • Once installed, display randomly and casually pop-up ads.
  • Some can self-copy codes, acting like virus to decrease system speed.
  • Collect user information for malicious attempts.
  • Other malicious behaviors that infringe user rights without the consciousness and authorization.

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What to do to defeat malware?

If you are in the trap of a malware threat, your system and even your personal data and financial information can be at great risks. We recommend that you take immediate action to terminate malware so as to prevent it from further spreading or ruining on the system.

Usually, if you are an experienced computer user, you can remove malware threats manually. And the Windows Task Manager, Folders and Registry Editor are the important locations that malware threat may drop their malicious files. So, carefully check out the infected files and then remove them. Do remember to back up your system, in case of any mistake during your manual removal operation.
The next solution, obviously, should come to the automatic removal with anti-malware software. This is also the most effective way to free you out of malware issues. There are many Anti-malware software recommended over the internet, including MalwareBytes, AVG, ESET, SpyHunter, Kaspersky and so on, while after real testing, I like SpyHunter very much.

It has its special features which makes it outstanding from others. Want to have a powerful security to safeguard your computer system every day easily? Download SpyHunter here! You can’t miss it!



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Eliminate to Get Rid of Worm?

Published April 26th, 2016 by Icy

Now, the detailed information about is still scarce. It is an emerging worm attacking computer system. If you unfortunately become one of its victims, welcome to this message to acquire more knowledge and refer to our removal guide for it.

How Harmful is, as a noxious threat, has brought many computer users a great many of security troubles. It attacks, modifies, and deletes common files on target computer. It is in a position to generate vicious files and registry entries when it successfully infiltrates into target computer. It can create a backdoor so as to help cyber criminals to control compromised system and be conducive to other infections such as malware and ransomware, etc. Besides, system performance also becomes poor due to it. Read the rest of this post »

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Remove IMG001.exe & Malware from Infected Computer

Published April 26th, 2016 by Icy

Victim: My File Server is infected with an IMG001.EXE virus. Every time I delete it, it reappears afterwards. My Antivirus does not detect it (Kaspersky). Does someone know what must be done to permanently delete and protect from future infection of such?

The Brief Introduction of IMG001.exe

IMG001.exe stands for a kind of filename extension with an executable program. However, it is actually generated when system is infected by certain malware such as adware, Trojan, or virus, etc. As a result, when seeing more than one file with similar filename running on Windows Task Manager, you have to be note that your system has been hijacked by malware. It is not doubt that your system is very risk at this point. Read the rest of this post »

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Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY Removal Guide-How to Eliminate Trojan?

Published April 26th, 2016 by Icy

Attention!!! Recently, Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY is detected in some PCs. If your system is confronted with it, you are welcome to refer to our methods to break away from. Of course, no matter you suffer from it, we similarly welcome your visit.

The Brief Introduction of Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY

Name Trojan Agent4.BXKY/Trojan Atros3.KUY
Type Trojan
Main Purpose Steal private and confidential information
Targeted OS Most of Windows systems (Windows XP/Vista/8/7)
Propagation Paths With diverse methods
  • Directly damage system via inserting its malicious code;
  • Indirectly mess up system via bundling with other infections.

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Eliminate Trojan Horse Downloader.Java_c.B-Trojan Removal Guides

Published April 25th, 2016 by Icy

Recently, there is a new Trojan named Trojan Horse Downloader.Java_c.B frequently attacking computers. Are your computer infected by it? If so, do you clear how to get rid of it completely? If you still haunted by it, welcome to this post for help.

The Introduction of Trojan Horse Downloader.Java_c.B

Trojan Horse Downloader.Java_c.B is undoubtedly a risky Trojan. The main purpose cyber criminals creates it is to steal victims’ private and sensitive information, especially user names of different accounts and banking details. Of course, as a computer threat, it also can trigger a series of problems when it infiltrates into target computer, for example, Read the rest of this post »

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