Numerous pop ups come from Homepage is hijacked by Cannot restore your browser to the previous one? Don’t know how to remove this virus from your computer? Here is a step-by step removal guide. Pop-ups Make Your Browser Chaos Seriously is usually considered as a kind of malware that is connected with hijack browser. As soon as this program gets inside the computer, it will target the installed internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Yahoo, or Bing. This malware can be compatible with the browsers and then make differences on them through the modifications of the settings about homepage and search engine, DNS and etc. once these changes occur, victims can receive a bunch of redirections to unwanted sites including Whenever you open a new tab or search, you can get many unwanted search results. Mostly, this hijacker can hijack your default homepage and search, so it will monitor your browsing activity, save your browsing history and your sensitive financial data such as logins, account as well as credit card.

Apart from that, can be used as a platform to show various advertisements on users’ webpage. Visitors can be trapped into the scam of these popups and then open any of them. It will install more infections like Trojan, worm, or other similar hijacker browser and a lot of unknown programs can be downloaded on the infected computer without asking any permission. Basically, by using these ads to increase traffic and page ranking in search results, so the designers of this program can gain profits.

Most of the victims seem don’t know how come into their computers, why? As we can know that, the malware can sneak into the system quietly. Sometimes, users may get a “recommended download” pop up that urges them to download who knows what, and if they click the download button, this virus can get the chance to load on your computer. In addition, popup virus can be bundled with other freeware or shareware, if you download any unknown program from the internet, this virus can also appear.

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What Pop-up will Do on Your Computer

1, it is a malware program that can hijack your homepage.
2, it can generate endless popup ads on the webpage.
3, this hijacker can modify the settings of your computer like browser, DNS.
4, it will cause a lot of redirections to or other unknown sites.
5, this program can get inside the target computer without asking permission.
6, it will install more infections like Trojan, worm, or other similar hijacker browser and a lot of unknown programs can be downloaded on the infected computer.
7, it can monitor your browsing activities, and steal confidential information.

How to stop/ remove Pop-ups (hijacker browser)

Mean 1: Manual Removal for pop-up

1, Open Task Manager and end all the malicious processes created by
( Methods to open Task Manager: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or Press the Start button->click on the Run option->Type in taskmgr and press OK.)

2, Reset the affected homepage.
* Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer and then select Tools-and then open Internet Option and click General.

3, Check the LAN settings of your browser.

4, Check hosts files and malicious entries then delete them.

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.dll
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

Mean 2: pop-up Removal with SpyHunter

Spyhunter is one of few choices to clean PC that is infected with aggressive parasites. It can be used as additional tool to disable malware temporarily, or as main remover. In any way, it is a valuable tool in battle against malware.

Step 1. Download Spyhunter (from this link) to your desktop.

Step 2. Double-click the download file and follow the prompts to install the program.

Step 3. After the installation has been successfully completed, SpyHunter will download the latest definitions from Enigma Software Group servers.

Step 4. SpyHunter will start scanning your system automatically right after the installation has been completed successfully.

Step 5. Remove all malware or infected files have been detected by SpyHunter.

Similar Video Guide for Manual Removal of

Important tips: Pop-ups virus is a useless search engine that belongs to a hijack browser. It can be used as a platform to show various advertisements and it also can hijack your homepage and cause a bunch of redirections to its own sites or other websites. To block further damages on your computer, please get rid of Pop-ups from your system, if you are not very good at computer, you are recommended to  install SpyHunter to avoid false operation of crashing your computer or from some friends who are very familiar with manual virus removal.

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