About Thecdn.04stream.com Redirect Virus

Thecdn.04stream.com is a nasty and stubborn redirect virus which will take over all the installed browsers. You may get this infection when installed some free programs, opened spam email attachments, accidentally clicked malicious links on the ads popup and so on. Once infected, it will add its malicious browser extensions, you will get thecdn.04stream.com ad popup with the URL: http://thecdn.04stream.com/ext/pop.php while using web browsers to surf online. And then you may be still switched to several unknown websites, and finally go to a real company website which may promote some products, softwares, or services. Since the ad popups will contain various unknown links, users are under high risk that their PC will get more malwares if they click those links by mistake. Thecdn.04stream.com is capable of adding itself to startup item, so that it can run automatically when Windows is launched. At the same time, some unwanted programs that are brought by Thecdn.04stream.com will also seriously influence the boot time. Thecdn.04stream.com redirect virus is able to collect your browsing habit, search keywords, users name and passwords. You will suffer unexpected loss if your confidential personal information is stolen. Meanwhile, your computer runs slowly, most of the programs cannot response your requests in time. It leads to blue screen and system crash frequently. If Thecdn.04stream.com popups appear in your screen, you are high recommended to remove as soon as possible. Read the manual removal guide below.

Symptoms of Thecdn.04stream.com Threat

1. Thecdn.04stream.com attacks your PC suddenly without recognition
2. Thecdn.04stream.com may be bundled with malicious links
3. Thecdn.04stream.com redirects you to unknown websites
4. Thecdn.04stream.com hooks deeply in the computer system

Solutions Worth of Your Trying

Soutions 1 : Remove Thecdn.04stream.com Manually by Yourself

Solution 2 : Remove Thecdn.04stream.com Automatically with the Help of the Powerful Spyhunter

Details for Solution 1 – Remove Thecdn.04stream.com Manually by Yourself

Step 1: Stop Thecdn.04stream.com processes in the Windows Task Manager


Step 2: Remove Thecdn.04stream.com and unwanted programs in the Control Panel

Step 3: Reset browser settings
On Google Chrome:
1. Click 3 horizontal lines icon on browser toolbar.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Basics ->Manage Search engines.
4. Remove unnecessary search engines from list.
5. Go back to Settings. On Startup choose Open blank page (you can remove undesired pages from the set pages link too).

On Internet Explorer:
1. Click arrow on the right of search box.
2. Do the following: on IE8-9 choose Manage Search Providers, on IE7 click Change Search Defaults.
3. Remove unwanted options from the list.

On Firefox :
1. Enter “about:config” in url bar. This will open settings page.
2. Type “Keyword.url” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
3. Type “browser.search.defaultengine” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
4. Type “browser.search.selectedengine” in the search box. Right click it & reset it.
5. Search for “browser.newtab.url”. Right-click and reset. This will make sure that the search page won’t launch on each new tab.

Step 4: Delete related files to Thecdn.04stream.com.

%appdata%random site

Step 5: Delete related registry value to Thecdn.04stream.com.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Thecdn.04stream.com\ramdom sites

Similar Video Removal Guide for Thecdn.04stream.com

Manual removal requires expertise and your patience. If you are tired of removing it by yourself or you may want to avoid the trouble that may cause by deleting inappropriate files, maybe downloading and installing antivirus program Spyhunter is your best Choice.

Details for Solution 2 – Remove Thecdn.04stream.com Automatically with the Help of the Powerful Spyhunter

Step 1: click the link to download and install Spyhunter on your computer.

Step 2: click ” Yes, protect my homepage” to protect your browser.

Step 3: Click “Scan Now” to scan your computer to block Thecdn.04stream.com

The Last Tip
Thecdn.04stream.com should be removed out of your computer right now in order to protect your computer and your confidential information on your computer. The left of Thecdn.04stream.com will bring more troubles to your computer. Stop Thecdn.04stream.com Right Now with Spyhunter!

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